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Public Tests

Large-scale performance evaluations of next-generation networking technologies.


Trusted Partner for Verifying Next-Generation Networking Technologies

Spirent test solutions are used by the world’s best-known and respected independent labs. Read how they test, measure, and validate the latest developments of cloud, data center, virtual, hybrid environments, applications, services, and test automation over high-speed Ethernet networks.


Dell Data Center Switch 400G Performance Test by Tolly

Read how Tolly engineers benchmarked the overall performance, latency and power consumption of Dell's data center switches Z9332F-ON and Z9432F-ON utilizing Spirent 400G test solution.

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NETGEAR M4300 Intelligent Edge Switch

Read how Tolly benchmarked the performance, stack failover and power consumption of the NETGEAR M4300-52G LAN switch featuring Spirent C1 Ethernet Appliance. Testing was performed both on single switches and a stack of three switches from each vendor.

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Additional Reports

View additional public tests Spirent has participated in