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Hewlett Packard Enterprise NFV System Test by Tolly

Helion OpenStack Carrier-Grade Performance & Reliability Powered by Wind River Titanium Server


NFVI performance is the basis for and key enabler of NFV deployment. Key components of NFVI that impact the performance are VIM, virtual switch, virtual compute, virtual storage and virtual network node. Benchmarking the performance of NFVI platforms provides insights into what type of performance service providers can achieve from VNFs hosted on the NFVI platform and the capacity of the NFVI platform in compliance with service level agreements (SLAs) for the VNFs.

Spirent Communications commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance and reliability of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade (HCG) network functions virtualization (NFV) solution powered by Wind River Titanium Server. Tolly evaluated the solution performance in various virtual switch configurations and benchmarked recovery time in a variety of scenarios including VM Live migration, LAG failure, compute and controller failures. The solution delivered high-throughput, consistent performance and effective responses to failure scenarios.

Spirent test equipment is used by most of the world’s well-known and respected independent labs to test, measure, and validate the latest developments of cloud, data center, virtual and hybrid environments, applications, security, services, and test automation over high speed Ethernet networks.

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