Assuring that wireless devices and services work as expected

As technology transforms at rapid pace and the complexity of systems grows, mobile providers must deliver continuous high-quality network services across all devices and services. Spirent provides testing and analytics in the lab and in the field to ensure that the Quality of Experience of wireless communication devices and services meet and exceed expectations, before and after launch.


Vertex Channel Emulator

Emulate complex real-world LTE and 5G radio environments.

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8100 LTE

Automate testing of mobile devices for acceptance onto carrier networks.

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8100 LTS

Simulate real world positioning scenarios in a lab environment.

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Access an end-to-end network to support a myriad of device test scenarios.

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Understand the user experience of your devices before they reach your customers.

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Fit4 Launch

Evaluate device and network readiness to assure quality of experience.

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