Lifecycle Service Assurance

To realize the promise of NFV, 5G & IoT, providers need to automate and accelerate the service lifecycle. To address this need, Spirent is pioneering a new approach to testing and assurance based on DevOps principles, called Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA).

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LSA Solutions

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Lifecycle Service Assurance
for NFV Transformations

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With the shift to NFV, service assurance has become a primary element of the service, putting assurance on the critical path to NFV success. This webinar will explore the current state of NFV deployments, including emerging standards and provider initiatives.

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DevOps Based Service
Assurance for NFV/SDN

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Communications service providers need a new service assurance approach to realize the business benefits of network virtualization. Traditional, siloed, waterfall-based service assurance can’t address NFV/SDN needs & must evolve to embrace DevOps.

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Service Assurance and the
Cloud: Pragmatic Strategies

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Service Assurance is undergoing a period of profound change as it adjusts to the realities of the cloud era. This webinar discusses pragmatic implementation strategies for communications service providers as they evolve to cloud-native networks.

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