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Spirent iTest

Test case creation
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Spirent iTest

Spirent iTest is an integrated, vendor-agnostic test authoring and execution solution designed to easily address a wide array of testing methodologies that involve complex test environments.  The automated tests are quickly authored by manual testers or automation specialists alike to improve the productivity of the entire test organization.

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Used For


Test case authoring

Create automation test cases with agnostic support of test tools and devices


Automation platform

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with SDK for additional customization and integration


Best practices process

Modular building blocks for reuse through parameterization and inheritance


Topology management

Graphical test bed for use as reference topology for test cases


Continuous testing

24/7 testing to maximize test coverage and ROI


Report generation

Record of testing process, data and results

Automation—The Quantum Leap in Network Testing

Organizations face big questions when considering the adoption of a test or lab automation initiative. Will it deliver the planned ROI? Download the white paper and gain detailed insights into where forward-looking organizations gained decisive advantages in the marketplace with their adoption of network test automation solutions delivered by experts.

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Common Causes for Test Automation Failure

Most organizations already have a continuous integration or agile development process. Spirent iTest doesn’t replace these but is designed to integrate with them so you are maximizing your investment. Download the white paper and gain detailed insights into where unsuccessful change management led to solution failure.

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The Optimized Deployment Model

Automation can be as simple recording a test once and then replaying it in more complex scenarios at higher scale to find system limits. Learn about the proven adoption process using best practices approach in an optimized deployment model.

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Calculate your savings

Based on past experiences with actual savings, Spirent has designed the ROI calculator to help you visualize the potential savings you can experience by embracing Automation. The calculator includes the key variables identified for increased savings in time and money. Decide for yourself what your realistic values are, and the calculator will show you the results.

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Features & Benefits

iTest Sessions provide a simple way to interact with almost any device, software API, physical or virtual environment. From command line, to Web interfaces, creating a sophisticated test script can be as simple as opening the session and interacting with the XuT just like during manual testing.
Topology Management
iTest’s graphical topology designer allows the user to draw the test bed in a Visio®-like diagram, then reference the devices in the topology when writing the test. The diagram represents the reference topology that the test uses, and the actual devices are assigned at the time of execution to create a totally portable test.
iTest integrates with almost any system including most continuous integration solutions and agile development processes. iTest has proven integration with a variety of application lifecycle management systems.
iTest creates simple tests quickly and sophisticated tests easily. Each test includes pass/fail criteria so that determining if the test succeeded is as simple as checking the results status. iTest even notifies the tester once the script is done.
Tool Support
iTest integrates with almost any test tool. iTest has a wide range of integrated test tools from Spirent and third-party vendors. iTest is the only test automation solution that supports the network test industry’s most prolific standards body, NTAF.

Realize more with Spirent iTest

  • Shorter, but more comprehensive test cycles
  • Increased utilization of investments
  • Defects detected earlier in the development cycle
Customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
  • Fewer customer reported defects
  • More customer feature requests
  • Reproduce customer issues faster
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Adopt testing best practices
  • Expand the pool of test developers
  • Increase insight into test progress
  • Identify resource bottlenecks
  • Determine collaboration level


Additional White Papers

Quality and Automation

Man thinking with his chin in his hand

The only way to minimize the impact of poor quality on the bottom line is to be proactive and prevent it in the first place. To do so, executives must change their mindset. Learn about quality issues, how they are solved and results achieved from an executive-level.

Implement Test Automation

Two men and a woman looking at a white board

There are several misconceptions related to the prospect of integrating a test automation solution within an organization. For example, barriers to implementation include theories that test automation is hard, expensive and will eliminate testing jobs. This could not be farther from the truth. Evaluate your test automation strategy from an up-to-date and informed perspective.


Designed for reusability, scalability and maintainability, Spirent CLEAR Automation is for organizations looking for the long term benefits from increased test coverage.

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Spirent CLEAR Automation Case Studies


Streamline and Accelerate Testing for Major LTE Service Provider

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Improves Time-to-Market for a Major Network Equipment Manufacturer

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Accelerating Service Provider NOC Configuration (Europe)

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Accelerating Service Provider GPON Testing (Europe)

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Performance Testing for Increased Visibility

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Reducing Time-to-Market Through Test Case Reuse

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Test bed orchestration and test case management with Spirent Velocity

As organizations migrate from physical to virtual, network performance becomes less predictable. Testers need must emulate the environment that reflects the production network. Only through a reusable, scalable and maintainable test bed that orchestrates both Virtual and Physical elements can testing be achieved.

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The CLEAR Advantage

Spirent CLEAR Solutions are designed to meet the specific financial and technological goals of organizations developing products and services using Agile and DevOps methodologies in virtualized or physical environments. Based on industry best practices, Spirent developed these solutions over the past several decades specifically for the IP Network industry. Our team of solution architects have technical expertise in their fields learned from years of practical experience.

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