Simple, repeatable, and realistic drive testing

Capturing, saving and “playing back” an RF environment is easier than ever with Spirent’s Live2Lab Virtual Drive Test - Conversion Tool. Drive a route once, capture RF scenarios with a third-party scanner, and play them back with VDT-CT for repeatable, realistic drive testing within minutes.

High-speed train applications

Wireless device performance is particularly compromised when traveling at high speeds. In these faster mobility scenarios, the increased Doppler shift imposes challenges for channel estimation, which will be exacerbated with the higher frequencies coming in 5G. Spirent’s Live2Lab VDT-CT can import and analyze logged data at speeds up to 1,620 km/hr (1,007 mph) to assist in high-speed train or aircraft device performance scenarios.

Features & Benefits

Multi-technology support and hybrid logging
Enhanced Data collection for LTE, CDMA and WCDMA which supports simultaneous scanning and phone logging.
Graphical analysis
Allows for easy and intuitive analysis.
Logging support for a wide variety of formats
Simplified and efficient testing including integration with QxDM logging in native format.
High correlation with live network data
Faitfhful reproduction of real-world scenarios that reduces the need to do expensive, time-consuming, and hard to do drive testing out in the field. Start drive testing on your bench top within minutes.
Simplified cabling setup
Seamless integration with Spirent’s Vertex™ (or VR5) and XD5 Multilink Duplexer reduces unnecessary cabling and increases testing capacity.

Need a higher channel density solution?

Spirent Vertex Channel Emulator is a versatile platform that offers unprecedented scalability of up to 36 RF ports while supporting emulation of a large number of channel models. The chassis’ simple plug-and-play design is built to support a broad range of applications that require varying channel densities, from basic applications like two-channel SISO to complex, high density applications like MIMO OTA, carrier aggregation, and antenna array systems.

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Live2Lab Virtual Drive Test-Conversion Tool

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Data sheet

Vertex Wireless Channel Emulator

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VR5 Spatial Channel Emulator

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