Assuring the launch of new
devices and services

The Umetrix platform accelerates device acceptance, service launch readiness and benchmarking processes by automating data collection, analysis and reporting workflows. Evaluate user experience of voice, data, video and battery life using any device, operating system or network.

Best practices

We live in an increasingly connected world and expect to be able to access services anytime, anywhere. Oh, and the quality needs to be great. Based on years of working with industry-leading providers rolling out next-generation voice services, Spirent has complied recommended best practices and lessons learned when launching VoLTE, VoWi-Fi and EVS-enabled voice services.

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A single, unified platform

Umetrix integrates Spirent’s suite of standalone user experience evaluation systems into a single, unified platform. Centrally manage test plans and equipment configurations, track data collection progress, upload and manage test results centrally and automate data aggregation and reporting.

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Automate & Simplify

Creating and running multiple test iterations on mobile devices can be tedious and time-consuming. The Umetrix Playback app provides easy, graphical scripting and full automation on Android devices to simulate user interaction for more efficient QoE testing.

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Voice Services

With Umetrix Voice (Nomad), you can fully understand the launch readiness of new devices, voice services, and network infrastructure. Evaluate the user experience of VoWiFi, VoLTE, HD Voice and OTT services. Supports all codecs including the Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec.

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Video Services

Umetrix Video (Chromatic) measures and analyzes the user experience of streaming video and video chat services across all devices and access technologies including IR.94, Video over LTE (ViLTE), LTE Broadcast and OTT.

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Data Services

Umetrix Data (Datum), efficiently measures the user experience of data services. Evaluate user experience with a unified approach across all major mobile OS platforms and access technologies including LTE, Wi-Fi, and now 5G.

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Battery Life

Umetrix Battery

Tablet with battery icon on screen

Umetrix Battery (Quantum) automates the evaluation of battery life for realistic use cases such as simultaneous use of voice, video and data services.

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Webinar: Improving Battery Life

Smartphone with battery icon on screen

Watch the ABI Research/Spirent on-demand webinar to see how automated, use case-based battery life measurements identify opportunities to improve device power efficiency.

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Study: Samsung S5 vs. S4

Tablet with battery icon on screen

Read the Connect Magazine study comparing
the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S5 against the
S4 using Quantum.

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Assuring the Successful Launch of Next-Gen Voice Services

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how leading providers are using pre-launch experience evaluation to ensure successful launches of new devices and services. Actual test results are presented showing how undetected issues can lead to customer dissatisfaction at launch.

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