SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator

A complete and efficient solution for accurately testing wireless receivers



The SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator is a complete and efficient solution for accurately testing SISO and 2x2 MIMO wireless receivers. The system can be configured to manage intricate MIMO-OTA testing (via simplified graphical controls) and to perform Virtual Drive Testing (VDT) to reduce the cost and time burdens associated with drive testing. The SR5500 helps isolate performance issues early in the development and design verification cycle, accelerating time to market and minimizing post-deployment issues.

What to test


SISO and 2x2
MIMO receivers

Test via channel modeling scenarios such as SCM drop modeling or the more accurate WINNER time-evloving channel modeling



Test LTE, CDMA 1X, EV-DO, EV-DO Rev A, HSPA+, and others



Dynamic channel modeling for better representation of mobility conditions over LTE, WIMAX and HSPA+


Spirent’s MIMO OTA solution models real-world over the air environments to determine the effects of multi-path, angles of arrival and departure, doppler shifts, and other antenna considerations. It fully supports the CTIA standards requirements for MIMO OTA testing of mobile devices.

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Spirent’s Virtual Drive Test-Conversion Tool makes the “necessary evil” of drive testing less challenging by converting drive test data to a lab-reproducible format. The tool can convert data from scanner log to active use in a matter of minutes.

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Features & Benefits

Modular architecture
Maximize the return of your test equipment investment with Spirent’s exclusive building-block approach that enables flexible re-use of system modules.
Seamless integration
Each module can be used as part of a synchronized MIMO/bidirectional channel emulation solution or independently controlled as needed.
Easy, economical upgrades
The SR5500 allows budget-friendly upgrades to higher-order MIMO or bi-directional testing. And when your needs expand, secondary modules can easily be upgraded to full stand-alone capability.

Data sheet

SR5500 Wirelss Channel Emulator

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White paper

Correlation-Based Spatial Channel Modeling

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White paper

Fading Basics—Narrow Band, Wide Band and Spatial Channels

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White paper

Path-Based Spatial Channel Modeling

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