(re)defining Network Element testing

Performance, scale and functional testing of Mobile, Wi-Fi, IMS and Diameter networks

Landslide™ in the lab

Landslide products for the lab use highly configurable end-points that emulate real-world control and data plane traffic of millions of subscribers moving through the LTE, GSM, UMTS, eHRPD and Wi-Fi networks while consuming IMS and Over-The-Top services.

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Landslide in the operational network

Enables smarter approach for network performance management and minimize network outages.

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Predict & Prevent Signaling Storms

Find out how to avoid signaling surges or storms

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Wi-Fi Offload—Is Your Gateway Ready?

This white paper discusses how the mobile ecosystem can prepare for the carrier grade Wi-Fi networks.

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Wi-Fi Adoption—The Reality

This infographic illustrates the realities of rolling out carrier- grade Wi-Fi and associated challenges.

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Mobility Infrastructure Testing

This infographic illustrates how to prepare for the exponential growth of data and connected devices.

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Landslide applications include

  • LTE, MME & GW
  • WiMAX
  • GPRS
  • UMTS
  • CDMA2000
  • MIPv4/MIPv6
  • AAA RADIUS/Diameter
  • IP client data
  • IPSec
  • CDMA Femtocell
  • Wi-Fi convergence
  • PCRF
  • DCCA
  • eHRPD
For Network Equipment Manufacturers
  • Fully test mobility
  • Characterize system before trial/delivery
  • Validate system scalability
  • Identify capacity limits
  • Measure control-plane capacity
  • Stress data-plane performance
  • Automatic regression testing
  • Multi-vendor interoperability testing
For Operators and Service Providers
  • Facilitate vendor selection
  • Identify performance ceilings
  • Enable accurate capacity planning
  • Provide end-to-end testing
  • Network planning and deployment analysis
  • Validate new software before roll-out
  • Test multi-generation mobility

Features & Benefits

Detailed reporting
Offers detailed reports including summary, per-interval, and per-session
Emulates, not just simulates mobile traffic
Allows users to test a variety of network topologies and mobility scenarios by emulating all necessary network components including subscribers, core network elements and Internet hosts
Performance measurement
Landslide’s modular, high-performance architecture offers unmatched scalability and allows users to emulate subscriber loads ranging from a small rural town to the largest metropolitan city
Powerful, yet intuitive UI
Allows users to quickly set up complex test sessions; Sessions can be saved, modified, and reused, allowing quick and easy creation of numerous scenarios covering various aspects of the test plan
Simultaneous & nodal testing
Simultaneously tests control-, data- and security-planes; Performs nodal tests to isolate a single element or conduct end-to-end testing of the entire network core

Spirent Landslide C50

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Spirent Landslide C100-M2

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Spirent Landslide E10

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