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Ensure new technology becomes an engine for growth and efficiency with our automated test and assurance.

Lab-to-Live Testing for Cloud-Based Networks & Services

Overcome cloud complexity for 60% faster releases and cost reductions of >80%.

The Spirent 2023 5G Report

Get our take on industry progress to new revenues and enhanced cost efficiency.

Your Promise Assured

With wave after wave of complex, new technology rolling out, it’s harder than ever to make it all work. We deliver visibility, automation and security to make sure it does. That’s our Promise. Assured.

See What Spirent Can Do for Your Business

Our mission is to help our customers innovate faster, deliver flawless user experiences, and reduce costs. See why industry leaders choose Spirent.

Accelerate Time to Market
Deploy new products and services in weeks with automated testing
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Reduce Cost and Complexity
Manage vendor and provider combinations to keep costs in check
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Optimize User Experiences
Rapidly pinpoint and resolve issues to optimize user experience
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Harden Security Defenses
Prepare for malicious cyberattacks at any stage in your process
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Automate testing and work smarter

Complex technology products and services require close collaboration between product makers and service providers, and their vendors. Spirent creates collaborative development environments with integrated test automation to simplify teamwork and radically accelerate new releases.

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Certify vendors and providers

With new, immature technologies, complex network vendor and provider combinations often lead to service issues for new customers. Our vendor-agnostic testing and certification services give providers confidence new customer services will perform flawlessly, helping to keep costs low.

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Find and fix problems faster

As technology becomes more complex and interconnected, finding the root causes of user experience issues becomes much more challenging. Spirent resolves issues before customers are impacted with intelligent analytics that automatically turn mountains of data into actionable insights.

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Proactively assess vulnerabilities

The rapid growth of IoT and adoption of cloud technology in 5G networks brings new security challenges for service providers. Spirent has the expertise and test solutions you need to develop a comprehensive security strategy for 5G and the cloud.

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Looking for benefits achieved by other industry leaders? Explore all of our case studies and customer references.

Accelerate Development and Ensure Performance in the Real World

Our solutions address the rising complexity and expanded security vulnerabilities of next-generation technologies so our clients can deliver the innovative products and services they’ve promised.


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Of the world’s largest tech companies use Spirent

Automated testing & assurance for networks, security, and positioning

Accelerating time to market, reducing complexity, optimizing user experience, and hardening security defenses.

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