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Unlock the Potential of New Technology

Ensure new technology becomes an engine for growth and efficiency with our automated test and assurance.

Lab-to-Live Testing for Cloud-Based Networks & Services

Overcome cloud complexity for 60% faster releases and cost reductions of >80%.

The Spirent 2023 5G Report

Get our take on industry progress to new revenues and enhanced cost efficiency.

We ensure technology works

Our clients are among the smartest, most transformative technology providers in the world. Across their respective industries, they’re blowing past the frontiers of innovation in ways we never imagined possible. And together, we’re forging the future.

Looking for benefits achieved by other industry leaders? Explore all of our case studies and customer references.

Accelerate Development and Ensure Performance in the Real World

Our solutions address the rising complexity and expanded security vulnerabilities of next-generation technologies so our clients can deliver the innovative products and services they’ve promised.

Automated testing & assurance for networks, security, and positioning

Accelerating time to market, reducing complexity, optimizing user experience, and hardening security defenses.

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Spirent Academia Program

Become a University partner in the Spirent PT Academia Program and collaborate with engineers worldwide in a range of different research, product development and product innovation partnerships. Download our eBook or email academia.office@spirent.com.

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