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From Malware and DDoS mitigation, to botnets and data breaches, rigorous testing of applications and security is essential when deploying an enterprise infrastructure. Spirent offers the solutions and methodologies you need to mitigate the security risks of deployed applications and their associated infrastructure.

What to test


Next-generation network security

Test your network’s ability to detect and prevent incidents and attacks, as well as its throughput, performance, availability, and security


BYOD—bring your own device

Test network infrastructure resilience by emulating thousands of applications. Test for malware, vulnerability,  availability and policy enforcement effectiveness


Cybersecurity framework

Simulate real-world application traffic to test your network’s ability to detect, isolate and prevent security attacks and its ability to allow continuous operation


Security in application-aware networks

Detect and classify network traffic, then verify you can control detected applications, test policy enforcement, and validate network scalability, performance, and security


Streaming media and content delivery

Understand your content delivery network’s ability to handle large and unpredictable user volumes, as well as its end-to-end Quality of Experience (QoE)


Virtualization and cloud security

Test virtual appliance performance and scalability, the impact of live migration on user experience and the effectiveness of virtual firewalls for securing adjacent machines

Next-generation network security

Today’s IT teams need granular visibility of data passing through the network, giving rise to a new generation of network security solutions like Next Generation Firewall, IDS and IPS. Spirent lets you test the performance and effectiveness of these solutions by simulating realistic traffic volumes and a wide range of threats and attacks.

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Bring your own device (BYOD)

Employees using their own tablets and smartphones on the corporate network are creating a huge security challenge for IT teams. With Spirent you can test your network’s security response to the BYOD revolution by simulating connections and activity on hundreds or thousands of non-corporate devices.

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Streaming media and content delivery testing

Businesses deliver increasingly more multimedia content every day which is expected to represent over 90% of all traffic by the end of 2014. With Spirent solutions you can test your infrastructure’s ability to stream audio and video content seamlessly to ensure a higher QoE for users.

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Virtualization and cloud security

With many business services moving to the cloud, it’s important to understand the impact on customers and end-users. Spirent solutions enable you to test the performance, scalability and security of your cloud-based applications in a wide range of planned and unplanned scenarios.

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NIST cybersecurity framework

Mandated by the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework affects all organizations that manage critical infrastructures in the United States. Spirent’s test solutions will validate that your network security systems perform as intended and deliver the protection you expect to help you remain compliant with NIST regulations.

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Security & Applications Solutions

Spirent Avalanche Commander

TestCenter Virtual

Test security and applications infrastructure with broadest coverage with realistic user emulation with SSL, IPSec, Video protocols, DDoS attacks and more

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Spirent Avalanche NEXT

Avalanche NEXT

Test the security, performance, and scalability of application-aware network infrastructures by generating realistic application traffic and attacks

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Spirent Avalanche Virtual


Industry’s first virtual infrastructure and applications test solution for the cloud with full feature parity of Avalanche Commander in virtual environment

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Spirent Avalanche Platforms

Whether you need high port density, a portable unit or a solution for virtualization testing, Spirent has a platform for your development and deployment projects

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Spirent C1 for Avalanche

The Spirent C1 offers the power of Spirent's award-winning Layer 2-7 router, switch, applications and security test solutions in a portable form factor

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Spirent C100 for Avalanche

Multi-10 Gbps capacity, security and performance testing for network infrastructures, Web application infrastructures and Triple Play services

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