Arnaud Castaner

Area of Expertise: Avalanche, layer 4-7 and security testing.

Arnaud joined Spirent in 2003 as a Support Engineer after a few years in the Service (Steria) and then the video gaming (Ubisoft) industry. He then moved to a Professional Services position, delivering mostly Avalanche engagements, but also some Smartbits and Spirent TestCenter.

Today, Arnaud is a Business Development Engineer for Europe, Middle-East and Africa, assisting local Sales teams and customers for larger or critical projects. Another area of responsibility is the training of the EMEA System Engineers on newer features of Avalanche and related products – such as Spirent Text Expert, iTest and Automation.

As a video game enthusiast, Arnaud founded a couple of websites, such as WoW Bash (http://www.wowbash.com) and Factornews (http://www.factornews.com). He also has a personal blog for things related to networking, computers and similar (some might say “geeky”) topics.

Recent Posts

Randomize MIME-Type in Avalanche (or How To Use Cursors)

Re-posted from Arnaud Castaner's blog Synsynack.  Arnaud is a Senior Systems Engineer at Spirent. Recently, a Proxy equipment vendor was asking me how to randomize the MIME-Type of the files retrieved over HTTP using their Avalanche. They do different things to different file types – don’t cache JavaScript, but cache images, for instance. It’s easy to specify a static percentage of MIME Type you’re going to get in your test. If you create an Action List, make 10 GE...

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