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Feb 9, 2011
Spirent puts Mobile Internet to the Test

Smartphones and tablets are re-defining the mobile Internet. This disruptive trend, characterized by content and device mobility, raises a pressing yet unresolved issue - are networks ready to support the performance and reliability requirements of advanced services? To help carriers and equipment vendors test the most demanding data and application workloads on the mobile Internet, Spirent introduces Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics neXt.

Jan 26, 2011
JAXA Selects Spirent for Multi-GNSS Testing

To further the development of the Quazi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) program, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has selected Spirent testing solutions to verify performance of its satellite receivers. Responsible for the development of initial QZSS receivers, JAXA is using Spirent's GSS8000 Multi-GNSS Constellation Simulator to verify QZSS receiver performance.

Jan 25, 2011
Spirent Awarded Frost & Sullivan’s Product Line Strategy Award

Spirent received Frost & Sullivan’s Product Line Strategy of the Year award for wireless test equipment. Frost & Sullivan’s research showed that Spirent’s wireless solutions lead the industry in product line breadth, addressable customer base, impact on customer value, impact on market share and breadth of applications and markets served.

Jan 6, 2011
Spirent Introduces New Record & Playback for Navigation & Positioning Testing

A critical challenge to achieving the performance and quality of experience expectations of today’s navigation and positioning systems is accurately testing user devices in complex and dynamic real-world scenarios. To address this issue Spirent today introduced the GSS6400 Record and Playback System, a solution designed to improve device performance while reducing the need for and cost of field testing.