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Automated Wireless Testing Video Tutorials

Watch our video tutorials to learn about Wi-Fi and 5G technology, and testing best practices.

Wi-Fi Tutorials

In-depth video seminars presented by our Wi-Fi experts.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 1: RvR under LOS/NLOS conditions
This Wi-Fi tutorial explains how real-life conditions are emulated by the IEEE 802.11 standard channel models. We will show a live demo of a Wi-Fi 6 rate vs. range (RvR) test running in the LOS and NLOS conditions.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 2: RvR with rotation
This tutorial discusses common sources of error in Wi-Fi throughput measurements and ways to the use a turntable to achieve repeatable results. We also discuss measurements vs. device orientation.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 3: OFDMA Deep Dive
In this Wi-Fi tutorial we explain how OFDM and OFDMA work and examine specific challenges of OFDMA.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 4: synchroSniffer
This Wi-Fi tutorial shows why multiple synchronized sniffer probes are required for OFDMA, roaming, band steering, mesh and system level testing.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 5: RF link budget
Our focus for this Wi-Fi tutorial is RF environment fundamentals and a demonstration of how to estimate the RF link budget for any test scenario.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 6: TR-398
For this tutorial, Leigh Chinitz provides an overview of the Broadband Forum TR-398 standard for testing Wi-Fi performance.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 7: Antennas
This Wi-Fi tutorial takes a deep dive into the fundamentals of antenna physics and the methodology of achieving optimum MIMO and MU-MIMO performance in a wireless testbed.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 8: Testbed testing vs test house testing
In this Wi-Fi tutorial we take a look at the similarities and differences between testing in a testbed vs in a test house.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 9: IETF RFC 2544 and IEEE 802.11.2 for Wi-Fi testing
Our topic for this Wi-Fi tutorial is IETF RFC 2544 that is sometimes recommended for testing Wi-Fi routers.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 10: Wi-Fi Mesh
The focus of this Wi-Fi tutorial is mesh Wi-Fi. We look at the origins of the technology as well as its evolution to date.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 11: Wi-Fi Mesh, part 2
In this Wi-Fi tutorial, we continue our analysis of mesh Wi-Fi. We look at various mesh topologies and the impact of an increasing number of wireless hops to the throughput as well as the latency of a connection.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 12: Target Wake Time in Wi-Fi 6
Our topic for this Wi-Fi tutorial is the Target Wake Time (TWT) and how it enables devices to determine when and how frequently they wake up to send or receive data.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 13: Band steering, airtime fairness and lies damn lies
In this Wi-Fi tutorial, we look into the theory and practice of band steering and airtime fairness as techniques to deliver high aggregate throughput in consumer routers.
Wi-Fi Tutorial Lesson 14: Principles of traffic generation for Wi-Fi test
In this tutorial we focus on traffic generation in Wi-Fi measurements. We review common use cases that traffic generators need to cover as well as what capabilities to look for. We also show demos using Spirent's new software, OCTOBOX software 2.0.

5G Tutorials

In-depth video seminars presented by our 5G experts.
5G Tutorial: Wireless performance testing
In this 5G tutorial, organized by CN Rood, we discuss essential new test methods for 5G and mmWave.