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VoLTE is here. And we all know it's not a case of if we make the transition, it's when. This technology greatly improves user experience across all mobile devices, with HD quality voice calls, better video call quality and RCS services.

Lifecycle Service Assurance

Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA) enables providers to perform infrastructure validation, service testing and operational assurance for VoLTE and RCS services. With LSA, providers can rapidly deploy VoLTE and RCS services with reduced operational costs and differentiated quality.

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VoLTE and RCS: Getting it Right

Operators are deploying VoLTE and RCS but to be really successful, they must enable a great user experience. Find out how call quality, interoperability, voice handovers to Wi-Fi and VoLTE roaming will impact the customer experience, and how developers can embed innovative applications directly into devices.

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VoLTE user experience

With so many different types of devices available, and customers becoming increasingly mobile, user experience needs to be exceptional for your devices to meet the demanding expectations of users.

As the leading provider of analytics services and systems, we have a range of solutions to help you make sure your devices and services get to market without any glitches.

Video calling

More people than ever own a Smartphone or tablet, and this has made mobile video calling more and more popular. But with a wide variation in Video Quality of Experience (VQoE), customers won't settle for less than the best. Chromatic enables you to make sure your devices give them just that, giving you the most advanced method to measure VQoE across all devices and access technologies.

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HD voice quality

Your customers expect VoLTE voice services to be as good as, or better than legacy and OTT voice service alternatives. So, before you launch, you need to be sure you're ready. And there's only one way to do that; measure the user experience and compare it to competitive options. Nomad does exactly that.

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Battery performance

With customers demanding video streaming, video chat, gaming and more, improving power consumption is a priority. And to help you better understand this, we developed Quantum. The world's first automated, use case-based Battery Life Measurement System.

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Customer experience management

Data silo issues can make it difficult for operator engineers to prioritize Quality of Experience (QoE) when dealing with network issues. Analytics plays a critical role in solving this and other network problems. It automatically collects and analyses data that can then be woven into real-world solutions. Spirent's InTouch helps operator engineers improve QoE for hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

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In a world with an ever increasing demand for access to anything, anywhere at any time, carriers' reputations will be evaluated not only by the perceived voice and video quality, but also by the availability and resiliency of the service. Issues such as anywhere connectivity, access management, seamless mobility and interoperability should be addressed in a proper VoLTE implementation. We have a range of products that help you do just that.

IMS and the mobile core

VoLTE networks need to delight millions of users who are simultaneously accessing their services with various devices and applications. Real-world testing is vital to guarantee the best possible user experience. Testing solutions need to emulate traffic, provide accurate analysis and offer scalability as networks and technologies evolve. Spirent's Landslide is the preferred Mobile Packet Core test system for network equipment vendors and operators worldwide.

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Converged mobile backhaul

Convergence is leading to increasingly complex network services and devices. Although integration delivers many advantages, it can negatively affect device manufacture, network deployment and Quality of Experience. You can mitigate these risks by emulating complex network topologies and adding network infrastructure more quickly. Spirent TestCenter does this – helping next-generation specialists deploy excellence with confidence.

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Performance analysis

How does your network, cloud-based app or other technology element perform from the user's perspective? And how does it compare to that of your competitors? Only independent device and network analysis can answer these questions. It lets you benchmark your equipment and measure performance across a wide range of vital KPIs. Many of the world's leading operators and OEMs use Spirent Insights to provide this analysis.

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Testing services

Performance problems in wireless networks and applications can lead to expensive business disruption and remedial work. On-site performance testing ensures network services and infrastructure meet the required standards. Expert support helps you verify network equipment manufacturer claims and identify break points before users experience problems. With Spirent OnDEMAND Professional Services you mitigate risk before launch.

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One of the most urgent concerns for network operators preparing to launch VoLTE services is getting the handsets from different manufacturers to initiate and complete calls within the same network and to be able to place and accept calls from devices on other operators' networks.

Our market-leading test solutions will help you overcome device challenges and make sure you provide an exceptional experience for your customers.

VoLTE device acceptance

Your LTE mobile device and chipset testing solution needs to support the widest possible range of test areas. To do this effectively and efficiently, the entire lifecycle of testing needs to be addressed with a single solution. A flexible, option-based design lets you add capabilities as you need them. Spirent's 8100 testing solution does all this – reducing time to market and improving ROI.

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Mobile device R&D

Spirent improves the quality and productivity of VoLTE, RCS, and VoWi-Fi development and deployment by delivering unparalleled testing capabilities with the Spirent Elevate Test Framework. Elevate integrates innovative Spirent solutions to enable device-to-device interoperability and user experience evaluation in the lab, and incorporates testing for leading-edge technologies such as EVS codec implementation.

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Are your devices Fit4Launch?

When you want to get to market fast, you need to make sure you have the quantified performance insight to make sure you're ready to launch. Our Fit4Launch programs enable you to identify poorly performing devices before they hit the market, uncovering performance and quality issues before your customers do.

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Acoustic verification

One of the most common reasons people return their devices is poor voice quality. The cause could be a defect or configuration issue with a device component such as the microphone, receiver, or baseband DSP, or it could be related to network, coverage or service – and nothing to do with the device. AVS enables you to find out exactly what's at fault.

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VoLTE testing explained

Find out how testing addresses the challenges of bringing your VoLTE networks, VoLTE-enabled mobile devices and new services to market quickly and efficiently. Without any worries about performance or quality.

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