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Virtualization and software-defined networking technologies bring new possibilities. Spirent’s NFV test solutions assist you to deploy, onboard, actively test and assure cloud and virtualized networks. Validate NFV environments including SD-WAN or VNF services to ensure performance and SLAs with proven test methodologies to realize promise of NFV.

Spirent NFVi eBooks

Testing SD-WAN

Testing SD-WAN

SD-WAN is an emerging alternative to provisioned Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) circuits, providing more distributed flexibility. Read how to ensure performance and SLAs with proven test methodologies.

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From NFV PoC to Deployment

Moving from NFV-PoC

Virtualization is the best bet for revolutionizing the agility, performance, and cost of practically every function in the end-to-end network. Learn about the concept of NFV and SDN in this new eBook from Spirent.

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Testing SDN Networks

Testing SDN Networks

SDN is an architectural revolution that enables application controlled programming and dynamic/scalable management of network resources. Download this eBook to learn more about SDN architecture and the concept of testing SDN networks.

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NFV Infrastructure Validation

Today’s network functions virtualization (NFV) ecosystems are still maturing, explore recommended strategies and testing methods for validating NFV environments in this new solution brief.

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VNF Lifecycle Management

Validating throughput, performance, and scalability of virtualized network infrastructure is critical to ensure cloud service excellence of platforms such as OpenStack, VMware vCloud, AWS, Azure, etc. With automation you can approach DevOps CI/CD and testing seamlessly across lab and production networks.

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VNF/Service Chain Benchmarking

While various strategies are employed to isolate VNF resources to ensure performance and scale, each of these strategies comes with certain risks and trade-offs. Read white paper to learn more.

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Spirent NFVi Case Studies

vCPE Validation

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Policy validation and performance benchmarking of the vCPEs represent a daunting task. Read about the test solution used to identify performance bottlenecks in a multi-vendor shared NFV environment.

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VNF Benchmarking

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Virtualization adds value by optimizing the use of resources via on demand capacity management. Learn about testing performance of VNFs, isolating infrastructure bottlenecks and ensuring performance.

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VNF On-Boarding

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The efficiency of VNF lifecycle management can be a critical determinant as to how successfully VNFs are created and managed. Read case study to learn about VNF lifecycle validation challenges and solutions.

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Spirent TestCenter Virtual

Testing topologies to run on both control plane
and data plane to stress simulated, virtualized
network functions

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vSwitch Benchmarking

Virtual switches are critical in NFVi, benchmark their performance to ensure success of virtualized environments

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Testing Virtualization Middleware

China Unicom & Spirent’s joint white paper on the technical requirements of NFV on virtualization middleware, related metrics and testing methodologies

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Suggested Solutions

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Spirent Test Center is an end-to-end SDN testing solution delivering high performance with deterministic results. Also able to verify VNF components and virtual

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Spirent NFV Solutions


Spirent’s Network Function Virtualization (NFV) test solutions help ensure performance, reliability and predictability for your virtualized network functions —before and after deployment.

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Spirent SDN Solutions


Spirent’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) test solutions help benchmark SDN controllers, switches, and routers for programmability, scale and traffic steering capabilities.

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