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A customer's Quality of Experience (QoE) is of paramount importance, however, the typical user does not understand your network’s growth and overall complexity. Spirent Enterprise solutions test and measure the performance of your network, apps, and sites to increase its performance, so users will never face limited speeds, site downtime, or complete outages due to high volumes of traffic.

Testing SD-WAN

SD-WAN is an emerging alternative to provisioned Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) circuits, providing more distributed flexibility. Read how to ensure performance and SLAs with proven test methodologies to realize promise of NFV.

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Spirent SecurityLabs

The Spirent SecurityLabs’ services are structured to produce high-impact results with minimal impact on the client organization. Our dedicated teams of experienced security professionals offer comprehensive scanning, penetration testing and monitoring services for networks, wireless, websites, mobile applications, embedded devices, automotive, as well as source code analysis.

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Network Testing Made Easy

Introducing Spirent Temeva, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for cloud and network testing, delivering up-to-date network testing solutions accessible from anywhere, with any device.

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What to test


Response time

What should users expect when accessing information? At what point does service begin to degrade?



How much bandwidth is actually available? What is the impact when under load or attack?



Are new users able to connect? How fast can new connections be established when existing users are stressing the system?


Enterprise security

Are threats being caught? How much does the system slow down when additional security is implemented?


TCP throughput

Constantly monitor TCP throughput, set a threshold for acceptable levels of performance, and discover network boundaries and limitations.


Website performance

How much can your website handle? Do customers abandon their cart when the site takes too long to load?

Next-generation network security

Today’s IT needs granular visibility of data, giving rise to a new generation of network security solutions like next-generation Firewall, IDS and IPS. That’s why CyberFlood™ gives you state-of-the-art testing technology to help you gauge the performance and effectiveness of your security environment by emulating the most realistic traffic volumes, and a wide range of threat and attack scenarios.

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Advanced malware detection

Malware detection testing must be conducted at a very vulnerable area of your network—the perimeter. Test security devices, firewalls, proxies and gateways for their ability to identify and keep out malware. Spirent’s Advanced Malware testing solution provides the means to verify the network’s ability to defend against today’s sophisticated malware constructs with an up-to-date database of malware samples and from a variety of test vectors.

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Virtualization and cloud security

With many business services moving to the cloud, it’s important to understand the impact on customers and end-users. Spirent solutions enable you to test the performance, scalability and security of your cloud-based applications in a wide range of planned and unplanned scenarios.

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Bring your own device (BYOD)

Employees using their own smartphones and tablets create a big challenge when it comes to ensuring the security of your network and access to data. With Spirent BYOD testing, you can analyze your network’s security response by emulating connections and activity on hundreds or even thousands of non-corporate devices in a matter of minutes.

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Enterprise Solutions

Spirent CyberFlood

Avalanche NEXT

Test the security, performance, and scalability of application-aware network infrastructures by generating realistic application traffic and attacks

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Spirent Avalanche Virtual


Industry’s first virtual infrastructure and applications test solution for the cloud with full feature parity of Avalanche Commander in virtual environment

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Spirent Temeva

Temeva icon

Software-as-a-Service platform for cloud and network testing, delivering up-to-date network testing solutions accessible from anywhere, with any device.

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Suggested Products

Spirent Avalanche Platforms

Whether you need high port density, a portable unit or a solution for virtualization testing, Spirent has a platform for your development and deployment projects

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Spirent C1 for Avalanche

The Spirent C1 offers the power of Spirent's award-winning Layer 2-7 router, switch, applications and security test solutions in a portable form factor.

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Spirent C100 for Avalanche

Multi-10 Gbps capacity, security and performance testing for network infrastructures, Web application infrastructures and Triple Play services.

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