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Our world demands high performance, with strong security. High quality intelligence is needed to make informed decisions during product development, on security investments and to ensure application accessibility and reliability while elevating security assurance.

That’s why Spirent provides both proven technology and services to help our customers meet growing market demands.  We help gauge the performance and effectiveness of your network and security environment by emulating the most realistic traffic volumes and wide range of threat/attack scenarios.  Our Security consultants provide services ranging from compliance audits to critical and tactical testing based on evolving security challenges.

NEW - Optimizing Your Security Investments

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CF20 Appliance

CF20 Appliance - CyberFlood - Applications & Security Testing Solutions

The CF20 is an all-in-one appliance solution that packs the full capabilities of CyberFlood into a 1U slim sized, multi-speed, compact form factor.

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CyberFlood Virtual

CyberFlood Virtual - Applications & Security Testing Solutions

CyberFlood virtual offers a whole new framework for use and deployment options and has greatly increased performance per installed virtual instance over the legacy Avalanche Virtual solution.

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Spirent Avalanche Platforms

Whether you need high port density, a portable unit or a solution for virtualization testing, Spirent has a platform for your development and deployment projects

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Spirent C1 for CyberFlood and Avalanche

The Spirent C1 offers the power of Spirent's award-winning Layer 2-7 router, switch, applications and security test solutions in a portable form factor

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Spirent C100 for CyberFlood and Avalanche

Multi-10 Gbps capacity, security and performance testing for network infrastructures, Web application infrastructures and Triple Play services

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What can we help you validate today?

Network Security - Virtual Network Testing

Next-generation network security

Test virtual appliance performance and scalability, the impact of live migration on user experience and the effectiveness of virtual security devices.

Malware Detection - Security Testing Solutions


Confirm your protection from the latest malware and botnets with up-to-date testing using the Spirent TestCloud real-time content feed.

Virtualization & Cloud Security - Cloud Testing Services

Virtualization and cloud security

Test virtual appliance performance and scalability, the impact of live migration on user experience and the effectiveness of virtual security devices.

Cybersecurity Framework - Security Testing Solutions

Cybersecurity framework

Emulate real-world application traffic in combination with malicious traffic to test your network’s ability to detect, isolate and prevent security attacks and its ability to allow continuous operation.

Corporate Network - Security Testing Solutions

Assure BYOD use on the corporate network

Find out how your infrastructure can scale and protect itself as enterprise users bring their own devices into the network.

Applications & Network Security Testing Solutions

Performance of application-aware networks

Detect and classify network traffic, then verify the ability to control detected applications, test policy enforcement, and validate network scalability, performance, and security.

The State of IoT Security Infographic

The State of IoT Security Infographic

IoT-related business projects and the related data security, and privacy risks they pose are rapidly evolving. This infographic supports the information gathered in the IDC survey commissioned by Spirent.

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Rapid Maturity of IoT Projects Highlights Risks Info Brief

Rapid Maturity of IoT Projects Highlights Risks

IDC Survey finds IoT-Related data breaches and highlights the IoT threats associated with rapidly evolving business projects. Learn more in this survey commissioned by Spirent.

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IoT Security for the Enterprise

The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a key role in the monitoring, supply chain, facility management, and manufacturing processes for many organizations—and use is on the rise.

This paper discusses the current state of IoT security, identifies potential threat vectors, and describes best practices for vulnerability assessment, testing, and DevOps.

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Connected Vehicles: Understanding the Risks of Cyber Threats

Preventing, detecting, and remediating cyber-attacks on networks, devices, and applications have been important security concerns and challenges for the technology industry. But as consumer electronics, network- and cloud-based services, and the new world of connected devices converge, the personal vehicle has become a target.

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Spirent SecurityLabs

The Spirent SecurityLabs’ services are structured to produce high-impact results with minimal impact on the client organization. Our dedicated teams of experienced security professionals offer comprehensive scanning, penetration testing and monitoring services for networks, wireless, websites, mobile applications, embedded devices, automotive, as well as source code analysis.

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Next-generation network security

Today’s IT needs granular visibility of data, giving rise to a new generation of network security solutions like next-generation Firewall, IDS and IPS. That’s why CyberFlood™ gives you state-of-the-art testing technology to help you gauge the performance and effectiveness of your security environment by emulating the most realistic traffic volumes, and a wide range of threat and attack scenarios.

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Advanced fuzzing engine

Spirent offers a scalable framework-based solution with enhanced mutation-based test cases to provide maximum test coverage to support customer-imported protocols, with the ability to scale utilizing hyper-realistic L4 - L7 traffic. Mutation-based fuzzing seed values are used to easily alter the negative inputs used in the test, and to allow for the same mutation to be used in ongoing or future tests.

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Advanced malware detection

Malware detection testing must be conducted at a very vulnerable area of your network—the perimeter. Test security devices, firewalls, proxies and gateways for their ability to identify and keep out malware. Spirent’s Advanced Malware testing solution provides the means to verify the network’s ability to defend against today’s sophisticated malware constructs with an up-to-date database of malware samples and from a variety of test vectors.

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XXE: An overlooked threat and how it can be remediated

XML External Entity (XXE) is a vulnerability which occurs when the xml parser of an application parses user-supplied input and responds with the requested information without performing any validation. In other words, XML input that has a reference to an external entity is parsed by an improperly configured XML parser. By using malformed vectors, an attacker could access sensitive information that is otherwise inaccessible. Read the white paper to learn more about XXE.

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Streaming media and content delivery testing

Businesses deliver more media-rich content each day, including syndicated content via Facebook and YouTube. With Spirent streaming media and content delivery testing, you can test your infrastructure’s ability to stream audio and video content seamlessly to ensure a higher QoE for users.

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Virtualization and cloud security

With many business services moving to the cloud, it’s important to understand the impact on customers and end-users. Spirent solutions enable you to test the performance, scalability and security of your cloud-based applications in a wide range of planned and unplanned scenarios.

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Applications & Security Solutions


Spirent Avalanche- Security Test Solution for App-Aware Devices

Test security and applications infrastructure with broadest coverage with realistic user emulation with SSL, IPSec, Video protocols, DDoS attacks and more

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Spirent CyberFlood - Security & Performance Testing for App-Aware Solutions

Test the security, performance, and scalability of application-aware network infrastructures by generating realistic application traffic and attacks

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Spirent SecurityLabs- Security Testing Solutions

Leverage our team of experienced security professionals for scanning and pen testing services for networks, wi-fi, web/mobile applications, and IoT devices

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