For your convenience

The most recent versions of Umetrix Data Mobile applications are available on Google Play, the Apple App Store, and Microsoft Store, respectively, but we have placed those and earlier versions, as well as versions for other operating systems, here for your convenience.

Full software packages for Umetrix Video and Umetrix Voice are available on Spirent’s Customer Support Center. Proceed to the Downloads tab, General Release, and select Umetrix as the Product Line.

Umetrix Data users: Please use the links below to download Mobile applications specific to your devices.

Umetrix Video users: Please use the reference video links to assist in your testing

Umetrix Data (Datum) Application Links

Umetrix Data iOS
Umetrix Data iOS (link to Apple App Store)

Umetrix Data PC
Umetrix Data PC
Datum PC

Umetrix Data Windows
Datum Windows v3.2 (link to Microsoft Store)

Umetrix Data Lab Server
Umetrix Data Lab SSL Certificate Installer
Wireshark Dissector for Datum UDP Test

Umetrix Video (Chromatic) Test Videos

Download these videos for use as a testing source.

Gross Error Detection (GED)