VOTER is the EUROCONTROL VoIP in ATM Test Suite designed to test conformance and performance of the main components of a VoIP Air Traffic Management (ATM) system according to the EUROCAE ED-137 standard.


  • More than 850 full-featured conformance and performance tests for SIP, RTP, RTSP and SNMP interfaces within a
    • Radio or Radio Gateway (GRS or RRC)
    • Voice Communication System (VCS)
    • Recorder
  • Tests for valid, invalid and inopportune behavior
  • Conformance tests for basic ATS services as well as for ATS supplementary services
    • e.g. Conference, Intrusion, Position Monitoring, IA or Override Calls, Presence Information, Linked Session Management, Real Time Session Supervision, Signal Quality Information, CLIMAX-Time Delay, Radio Remote Control, etc.
  • Performance tests that target the VCS and GRS devices or the transport network
  • Voice Quality tests using E-Model and PESQ (optional)
  • Exhaustive set of context parameters for flexible adaptation of the tests to different implementations under test
  • Fully automated test execution
  • Test tracing on different levels of detail
  • Summary of test results
  • Test definition and documentation in the standardized test notation TTCN-3
  • More than 150 interoperability test scenarios defined by EUROCONTROL (based on the requirements defined by EUROCAE document ED-136/137) to automatically
    • Analyze saved logs
    • Sniff the communication on all interfaces in real-time: Radio, Telephony and Recorder


  • Standards-based testing according to EUROCAE and EUROCONTROL specifications
  • Fast and simple test execution and analysis
  • Repeatability of tests and full support of test automation
  • Flexibility through usage of the constantly evolving standardized test notation TTCN-3

VoIP in Air Traffic Management Solution

Potential Users

  • Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) in support of implementation and transition activities towards VoIP in ATM
  • Voice Communication Systems (VCS) Suppliers to perform testing on the SIP Telephone User Agents and SIP Radio User Agents within a Voice Communication System or a Gateway
  • Ground Radio Stations (GRS) Suppliers to perform testing on the SIP Radio User Agents within a Radio or Radio Gateway
  • Recorder Suppliers to perform testing on the SIP Recorder User Agents within a Recorder


  • Standard PC
  • OS: Windows, Linux
  • Java
  • TTworkbench VOTER bundle: TTworkbench Professional + TTsuite-VOTER

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