Introducing Spirent NFV Infrastructure Starter Kit

As complex virtual networks are deployed, it has become a necessity to profile your NFV infrastructure and ensure it meets the performance requirements of VNFs and network services. For a limited time, Spirent is offering a new kit that contains all the necessary components, including a powerful dual-speed Spirent appliance along with subscriber access to all the essential software protocol packs needed for functional, performance and benchmark testing of NFVI components and VNFs prior to deployment.

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Key Benefits

Carrier Grade Reliability
Prevent expensive failures in the field by benchmarking the performance and reliability of NFVI components and VNFs prior to deployment
Fast & Accurate Configuration
Through the sharing of virtual topologies with Spirent Velocity
Test Case Building Tools
Spirent iTest simplifies the creation and building of complex test cases that orchestrate and correlate virtual environments and VNFs
Network Answers
All the tools needed for network traffic flow validation and diagnosis delivered in one kit
Virtualized Infrastructure
Helps ensure SLA Policy validation
Trusted Partner
Benefit from decades of testing experience with Spirent as your guide through a world of complex network testing

What is in the kit?

Perpetual Components

  • Spirent C50 8-port 10/1GbE Dual-Speed Appliance

Free Year Subscription of:

  • All Spirent TestCenter Software Protocol Packs
  • Virtual Performance Ports & all Software Protocol Packs
  • TrafficCenter (new web-based network test tool)
  • Spirent Attero Virtual Ethernet Network Emulator
  • Spirent Velocity
  • Spirent iTest & Automation Modules

How to get started?

Get a head start on NFV infrastructure hardening with Spirent NFV Starter Kit. It is available for a limited time only. Contact us today for more information on Spirent’s NFV solutions and how to get started on testing your NFV Infrastructure.

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Spirent C50 Appliance

The C50’s flexibility makes it perfect throughout the test lifecycle for functional, performance and benchmark testing of data center and service provider network infrastructure evolving SDN and NFV.

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Spirent TestCenter Virtual

A software module that extends and complements the capabilities of Spirent TestCenter to benchmark and optimize performance of virtual switches, network virtualization and cloud platforms.

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Spirent TrafficCenter

Spirent TrafficCenter is a new web application that provides Layer 2, Layer 3 with synthetic Layer 7 traffic tests that are easy to configure and execute even for users doing traffic testing for the first time.

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Spirent Attero-V

Attero-V is used to benchmark and optimize the performance of VNFs and end-to-end virtualized applications by accurately applying real-world network conditions such as latency and dropped packets.

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Spirent Velocity

Designed for testers and developers of every skill level, it provides a simple user experience for defining a testbed topology that can be used to execute a single test case or an entire test plan.

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Spirent iTest

Integrated test authoring and execution tool designed to address the needs of manual testers, automation specialists, and managers alike, iTest improves the productivity of the entire test organization.

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