NFV reshaping the future of Telco Networks

NFV is rapidly gaining momentum and is transforming the telecom industry in the way new services are developed, deployed and monetized. The NFV model enables the creation of scalable and resilient networks using cloud virtualization techniques. With NFV, virtualized network functions (VNFs) are hosted on commercial off-the-shelf servers and chained to realize game changing services. However, thorough validation of NFV environments is required to break free from the endless PoC cycles and accelerate real world deployments.

The NFV Domains we Validate

vSwitches and NFV Infrastructure

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Validate NFV infrastructure as a blackbox or its individual components such as vSwitches, NICs, and the ability to support various VNFs that execute on NFVI.

Virtual Network

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Benchmark individual virtualized network functions (VNFs) for functionality, performance and their support for lifecycle operations.

NFV Orchestration and
E2E services

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Validate the performance and lifecycle operations of E2E service chains and test the interfaces between the NFV MANO components, the NFVI and the VNF domain.

Spirent NFVi Case Studies


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Policy validation and performance benchmarking of the vCPEs represent a daunting task. Read about the test solution used to identify performance bottlenecks in a multi-vendor shared NFV environment.

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VNF Benchmarking

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Virtualization adds value by optimizing the use of resources via on demand capacity management. Learn about testing performance of VNFs, isolating infrastructure bottlenecks and ensuring performance.

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VNF On-Boarding

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The efficiency of VNF lifecycle management can be a critical determinant as to how successfully VNFs are created and managed. Read case study to learn about VNF lifecycle validation challenges and solutions.

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NFV Data Plane Benchmarking

Performance benchmarking of NFV data plane is critical for Service Providers making the transition to NFV based network. Spirent's comprehensive test methodologies provide insight into NFVi resource utilization and network performance metrics for capacity planning, resource provisioning and identifying performance bottlenecks in an NFV environment.

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What to Test


Data plane benchmarking

Benchmark the forwarding and application throughput performance of vSwitches, and VNFs using various traffic mixes and acceleration technologies


VNF control plane validation

Validate control plane functionality and scale of VNFs and ensure compliance to IETF, 3GPP and ETSI NFV requirements


Service chain validation

Test the functionality and performance of NFV service chains and perform bottleneck analysis to identify weak links in the service chain


Compute, memory & storage performance of NFVI

Benchmark the NFV infrastructure and its ability to support the compute, memory and storage performance requirements for all the VNFs


VNF & Network services lifecycle validation

Validate the VNF and Network services lifecycle operations including successful instantiation, time to instantiate, autoscaling and graceful termination


Carrier grade readiness of NFV

Ensure long duration stability of your network. Trigger failures on primary path and measure the time needed to converge traffic and services to backup path

Accelerating NFV Deployments

NFV offers cost savings and benefits over traditional network devices. Learn more about NFV test methodologies for validating NFVI and VNFs.

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NFV Validation Across Boundaries

Holistic validation of NFV across all boundaries is needed in a cloud telco environment to achieve successful deployments.

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Resolving NFV
deployment challenges

Spirent helps leading SPs test and deploy hybrid NFV networks. Hear real-world lessons on mitigating common issues and maximizing chances of a smooth deployment.

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vRouter Benchmarking

This public test benchmarks a Brocade Vyatta vRouter for routing and security performance on mid-range cloud servers in a setting relevant to data centers within enterprise, cloud service and telecom providers.

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ETSI: Pre-Deployment Validation of NFV

The ETSI NFV specification, developed by Spirent and industry partners, defines test methodologies for lab validation of NFV Infrastructure, VNFs and E2E Network services.

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ETSI: Turn Up Testing and Active Monitoring of NFV

The ETSI NFV specification, developed by Spirent and industry partners, defines methodologies for post deployment, turn up testing and active monitoring of VNFs and NFV Services in real world networks.

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Suggested Products

Spirent TestCenter

Using Spirent TestCenter for testing

An end-to-end testing solution that delivers high performance with deterministic results. Organizations of all kinds use TestCenter to test, measure and assure IP networks and deploy services with confidence.

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Spirent TestCenter Virtual

Spirent TestCenter Virtual

A software module that runs on COTS servers and complements the capabilities of Spirent TestCenter to benchmark and optimize performance of VNFs, vSwitches, NFVI and cloud platforms.

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Spirent TestCenter SDN

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Programmability and management of network resources are effective only if they are accompanied by network visibility and control. Spirent’s SDN solutions visualize, monitor and manage cloud-level traffic in real-time.

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