SP Edge & Core Networks

The growth in users and devices and the unprecedented increase in user traffic have all contributed to the growing complexity of Service Provider networks. To prevent expensive failures in the field, SP Networks need to be tested thoroughly on multiple dimensions prior to deployment for:

  • Scalability & Performance: Validate the support for billions of users and flows and the services consumed by them
  • Versatility: Ensure the co-existence of mobile & fixed networks
  • Reliability: Ensure high availability and resiliency of network components

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Spirent Platforms

Everything you need to ensure the highest quality service through trusted performance, converged innovation, unparalleled flexibility, and optimized infrastructure.

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Spirent Carrier Network Testing

Whether testing SP core networks, mobile backhaul or associated backhaul technologies, Spirent meets the challenges of testing new multi-protocol carrier network.

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Testing Core Routers

In a lab setting, Spirent TestCenter is the ideal test tool for the validation of high performance, next-gen core routers:

  • Emulates CPEs, PE routers and internet peering points and originates traffic representing millions of endpoints
  • Supports 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G Ethernet modules at various densities and performance levels 
  • Supports Link aggregation, enabling the validation of LAG bundles
  • Speaks Routing, BGP, LDP and RSVP protocols on the Ethernet interfaces and validates that core routers can support high scale traffic

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Unicast Routing Base Package

Enables NEMs, SPs and large enterprises to quickly evaluate, troubleshoot routing functionality, performance and scalability of any routing device or network.

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Enables NEMs, Service Providers and large enterprises to quickly evaluate and troubleshoot MPLS and VPLS functionality.

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Testing Edge Networks

In addition to speaking all the core routing and MPLS protocols, Provider Edge routers also enable SPs to offer MPLS VPN and VPLS E2E services to thousands of enterprises. Spirent TestCenter provides a high degree of flexibility to service providers to validate multiple SUT edge network topologies and use cases, such as:

  • Benchmarking single protocol or multi-protocol scale of IGP/EGP protocols running on the SUT
  • Validating the exchange of user traffic on millions of routes or tunnels between the DUT/SUT and test devices
  • Validating multicast technologies such as NG-MVPN and MLDP

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Multicast Routing Base Package

Helps NEMs, SPs and large enterprises quickly evaluate, troubleshoot Multicast routing protocols, forwarding behavior, and performance in devices & networks.

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BFD Base Package

The industry’s most complete protocol test solution, helping NEM and service provider testers evaluate the performance of BFD-enabled network devices.

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MPLS-TP Base Package

Provides support for testing connection setup, forwarding, OAM and Protection switching capabilities of MPLS-TP enabled LSRs.

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Testing Broadband Access Networks

Spirent TestCenter performs simultaneous testing of routing and access technologies, which is a critical need for testing next-gen BNGs, LACs, LNSes, relay agents, and CPE devices and ensuring that they support millions of subscribers accessing the internet. Spirent TestCenter’s capabilities include the following:

  • Emulating subscribers, DHCP servers and core networks and validating the BNG’s for high-scale subscriber and traffic support
  • Emulating the BNG and testing the CPE routers, DHCP relay agents, and DHCP servers for compliance to PPPoX and DHCP protocols (IPv4 and IPv6) and adherence to SLAs

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PPPOX Base Package

Enables service providers and network equipment manufacturers to quickly validate subscriber scalability.

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DHCP Base Package

Enables SPs and NEMs to quickly test scalability, performance of access networks, DHCP servers, relay agents.

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IGMP/MLD Base Package

Helps evaluate and troubleshoot host-to-router multicast behavior, performance of networks & networking devices.

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