SP Networks are transforming

Service Providers are migrating from using purpose built routers and switches to deploying hybrid networks that are composed of a mix of traditional devices and NFV environments hosting VNFs, Orchestrators and SDN Controllers. New test methodologies and metrics are needed to validate the new technologies & virtualized DUTs and ensure that Network Services adhere to SLAs.

The SP domains we validate

Edge, Core and Access Networks

Edge core access networks for product

Validate traditional SP edge, core & access networks prior to deployment.

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NFV Environments

NFV environments

Benchmark NFV infrastructure, VNFs, ensure carrier grade reliability of NFV environments.

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SDN Controllers & Devices

Controllers and devices

Benchmark WAN SDN controllers, switches & routers for programmability, scale & traffic steering capabilities.

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Conformance Testing

Through conformance testing, NEMs, SPs and Data Center Operators verify the interoperability and reliability of their new products or services in a multi-vendor environment. Spirent Conformance Test Solution offers the most comprehensive test coverage in the industry to help improve this testing process.

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What to Test


User traffic at 1G to 400G speeds

Benchmark the forwarding performance of 1G, 10G, 40G, 100G and 400G Ethernet interfaces.


Routing, MPLS and Access

Validate next-gen routing/multicast technologies such as BGP, OSPF, NG-MVPN, mLDP, etc. for compliance to IETF standards.


WAN SDN technologies

Test protocols such as PCE, OpenFlow, BGP-LS, and Segment Routing. Ensure SDN Controller’s ability to create and steer millions of flows.


Carrier grade readiness of NFV

Benchmark user & control plane performance of VNFs & NFVI. Validate autoscaling of VNFs and NFV service chains, prior to deployment.


Scale and performance

Establish upper limits for single or multi-protocol scale (e.g., max BGP sessions or MPLS tunnels supported) or session bring up rate.


Reliability and convergence

Ensure long duration stability of your network. Trigger failures on primary path and measure the time needed to converge to backup path.

PCE Testing with Spirent

Learn more about how to thoroughly validate PCE Controllers and Clients for functionality and scale using Spirent TestCenter.

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Segment Routing Testing with Spirent

Test ISIS and OSPF protocol extensions for Segment Routing and validate end to end traffic flows using Segment Routing.

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Validating Unicast Routing

Quickly evaluate and troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 flavors of unicast routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF, ISIS, and RIP.

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Validating MPLS technologies

Validate the performance and scale of any MPLS-enabled device. Ensure compliance with IETF standards for MPLS technologies such as LDP, RSVP and L2/L3 VPNs.

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Accelerating NFV Deployments

NFV offers cost savings and benefits over traditional network devices. Learn more about NFV test methodologies for validating NFVI and VNFs.

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Deploying SDN with Confidence

Find out more about how to benchmark your SDN controllers and SDN infrastructures and learn about Spirent’s SDN testing solutions.

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Suggested Products

Spirent TestCenter

Using Spirent TestCenter for testing

An end-to-end testing solution that delivers high performance with deterministic results. Organizations of all kinds use TestCenter to test, measure and assure IP networks and deploy services with confidence.

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Spirent TestCenter Virtual

Spirent TestCenter Virtual

A software module that extends and complements the capabilities of Spirent TestCenter to benchmark and optimize performance of VNFs, vSwitches, NFVI and cloud platforms.

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Spirent TestCenter SP Test Packages

Service Provider Test Packages

Service Provider software packages that execute on both chassis based and virtual Spirent TestCenter offerings. They are used to validate Routing, MPLS, Access and SDN protocols.

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