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Spirent has been a leader for network testing for over 20 years.  That experience is embedded in our industry-leading hardware and software platforms which have been proven over multiple generations of network technologies.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Whether you are using the highest density chassis-based platform, the more mobile appliances, or our software-based virtual systems, all Spirent TestCenter platforms can interoperate and cooperate in a single test—allowing you to tailor the test infrastructure to deliver optimal results without breaking your budget.

Platform Options


Extremely flexible platforms that span modules, appliances, and verify today’s technologies and validate the next generation networks of tomorrow.

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Spirent Appliances offer the power of Spirent’s award-winning Layer 2-7 router, switch, and application and security test solutions in a portable form factor.

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Spirent’s virtual solutions can be installed anywhere and on anything, for on-demand testing that ensures continued cloud service excellence—everywhere.

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Spirent N12U Chassis

Spirent’s new mainframe chassis design is optimized with the latest hardware and software technology to scale to the highest port counts, +400G and Terabit Ethernet test traffic rates, and the power capacity needed to support the inter-slot communication bandwidth requirements of the next generation of high-performance test modules.

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Spirent N4U Chassis

Spirent’s compact chassis supports a variety of environments where testing requires equipment to be relocated. It supports multi-user functional testing and chassis chaining where higher density is required but a mainframe N11U is not available. It is fully interoperable with the N11U and accepts the same test modules with no modifications.

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Industry’s highest density 100G test ever conducted

Test of the H3C S12516X-AF datacenter core switch using Spirent TestCenter sets a new world record by demonstrating the highest bandwidth capacity for a single switch with 768 100G Ethernet interfaces.


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Conformance Testing

Through conformance testing, NEMs, SPs and Data Center Operators verify the interoperability and reliability of their new products or services in a multi-vendor environment. Spirent Conformance Test Solution offers the most comprehensive test coverage in the industry to help improve this testing process.

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Spirent TestCenter provides a powerful foundation for almost any automation environment, giving you full access to its performance measuring capabilities.

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Improve the quality of your products and services while lowering your time to market.  Whether you need smart traffic, intelligent results, real-time analysis or comprehensive troubleshooting tools Spirent TestCenter software is the choice made by the industry’s leading communications companies.

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Improving Data Center Performance with 25/50GE

Hear experts discuss options for 25/50/100GE architectures, what is driving the need for these new architectures and their expected impact in the data center.

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Spirent TestCenter Platforms

Spirent offers a complete solution from 400Gbps down to 10Mbps in a single platform that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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100G High Speed Ethernet Brochure

Spirent’s 100G portfolio allows you to quickly and confidently launch products and services dependent on high-speed 100G technologies.

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Spirent Journal: Layer 2/3 QoS Test Methodology

This journal provides engineers a comprehensive set of test cases for Layer 2/3 Quality of Service, (QoS) testing.

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Spirent Journal: 40/100G Test Methodology

This journal presents test cases for 40/100G delivery with a strong emphasis on QoS/CoS, realism, stacked protocols & multiplay services

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Testing High-Scale 100G Data Center Switches

Read about Spirent’s experience testing a cloud-scale 100GbE data center switch platform in a large-scale system test for Cisco.

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Industry’s first public 1,536 port 10G test

Ground-breaking test to measure data center network fabric performance at massive scale, under the most stressful yet realistic conditions.

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