Cost Benefits of Virtualized Regression Testing

In the world of DevOps and Automation, you are tasked with handling a constant stream of changes to production. Whether you do feature testing or conducting continuous integration, virtualizing the regression testing platform has great benefits. Through virtualized, automated regression, the device/system under test and test tools can either be VMs or Containers that run on commodity servers with little to no requirement for specialized hardware testing.

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Why Spirent?

Spirent Virtual Solution significantly reduces the capital and operational costs of lower-margin continuous regression testbeds and allows users to deploy and concentrate costly high performance test equipment to their most profitable and newest platforms supporting latest features running at higher packet rates such as 100Gb Ethernet. Spirent TestCenter Virtual provides:

  • Support for a wide range of protocols, wizards, and automation APIs of Spirent or third party hardware solutions
  • 100% compatibility with existing test cases, thereby alleviating the burden of creating new test cases
  • Validation of DUTs on leading hypervisors and cloud platforms such as OpenStack, vCloud, and AWS
Benefits topology

Get a head start on regression testing with Spirent TestCenter Virtual solutions.

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Key Benefits


Lower cost per port

Maximize TCO by effectively running virtualized regression test bed using x86 COTS servers


Scale on demand

Expand test lab capacity with a low-cost build, test and deployment environment


Automate regression

Execute test cases quickly, configuring them in real-time, fully supported with automation APIs


Reallocate hardware

Optimize proprietary hardware to run high-margin test cases utilizing higher performing test ports


Reduce lab footprint

Minimalize server footprint with VM-based regression lab set up and low power consumption

Total Cost of Ownership with Virtualized Regression

Lower capital and operational costs of regression platforms with continuous integration and ability to scale to meet future growth demands.

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Regression Testing is Always ON

Learn why automation and virtualization of the regression testing platform minimizes time-to-market of hardware or VNF products.

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Dynamic Multi-User Environment

Spirent Virtual LabServer allows for dynamic scalability as testbeds and regression environments grow, it also enables collaboration and facilitates debugging.

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Get. Set. Virtualize!

Read latest blog on a software-based test tool that accelerates feature development and lowers the cost of regression testing.

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Get Started with Virtualizing Regression Testing

Watch and learn how to virtualize, automate your regression and DevOps testbeds with Spirent TestCenter Virtual in few simple steps.

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