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Network Overlays address the rigid approach to provisioning transport services and offers many benefits including optimized device functions, simplified management, and forwarding-topology flexibility. Whether you are looking to implement network-based or host-based overlay technologies, Spirent solutions can test and validate the switching fabric at scale so you can confidently deploy network overlays of your choice in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments in the modern data center.

SDN Test Methodologies

SDN methodologies is a must have journal providing test engineers with a battery of test cases universal in SDN ecosystem using Spirent’s test offerings.

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Host-based network technologies like VXLAN are used to create private networks of virtual machines across existing Layer 2 and 3.

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EVPN enables you to connect a group of dispersed customer sites using Layer 2 virtual bridge in various scenarios of unicast, multicast, single and multihoming.

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Shortest Path Bridging extends Layer 2 Ethernet networks with multipath and redundancy capabilities beyond classical STP.

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Validate the enablers of data center consolidation and LAN and SAN convergence using FCoE, FIP, and DCBX.

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Enables you to set up LISP sites easily and validate LISP implementation in existing IP networks without affecting the endpoints or hosts.

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Create efficient configurations and larger networks with more active end points using TRansparent Interconnect for Lots of Links.

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Scale testing of modern clouds

If you don’t measure the entire Data Center stack, you don’t know how it will perform in the real-world when fully populated with VMs. Spirent HyperScale solution provides end-to-end network testing between nodes in Data Center multi-tenancy and helps you measure a cloud-scale platform.

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Accelerating NFV Deployments

NFV offers many benefits to network and data center operators. But, how do you select right technologies for configuring infrastructure, optimizing performance, and hardening security. Spirent’s Virtual solution delivers layer 2-7 functional and performance testing of virtual and physical network resources.

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Validating SDN infrastructure

Programmability and management of network resources can be effective only they are accompanied by network visibility and control. Spirent’s SDN solutions help visualize, monitor and manage cloud-level traffic in real-time.

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Suggested Products

Spirent TestCenter

Using Spirent TestCenter for testing

An end-to-end testing solution that delivers high performance with deterministic results. Organizations of all kinds use TestCenter to test, measure and assure IP networks and deploy services with confidence.

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Spirent TestCenter OpenFlow

Spirent TestCenter OpenFLow

A complete solution that tests and validates the compliancy with OpenFlow standards and the performance of controllers, switches and end-to-end OpenFlow network designs.

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Spirent TestCenter SDN

SDN Validation

Programmability and management of network resources are effective only if they are accompanied by network visibility and control. Spirent’s SDN solutions visualize, monitor and manage cloud-level traffic in real-time.

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