Future-proof your Data Center

The rise of Virtualization and Cloud Computing is driving the need for best-of-breed Data Centers. Spirent’s test solutions enable you to architect the modern software-defined data centers that are ready to use and deliver next-generation apps and services, from anywhere.

Industry’s highest density 100G test ever conducted

Test of the H3C S12516X-AF datacenter core switch using Spirent TestCenter sets a new world record by demonstrating the highest bandwidth capacity for a single switch with 768 100G Ethernet interfaces.


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NFV Infrastructure

Validating throughput and scalability of virtual infrastructure is critical to ensuring cloud service excellence. Spirent’s Virtual solutions optimize the performance of your data center infrastructure including network virtualization and cloud platforms.

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Overlay Networks

Technologies like VXLAN and EVPN let you maximize the scale of your cloud networks and storage. But how will you keep your data center overlays in check? Spirent’s test solutions validate switching fabric at scale with large number of nodes and new protocols.

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OpenFlow Readiness

With OpenFlow specifications changing rapidly, is your network, controller or switch ready to handle the stress of a real-time programmable network? Spirent’s test solutions verify the performance, availability, and security of any OpenFlow network.

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SDN Validation

Programmability and management of network resources can be effective only if they are accompanied by network visibility and control. Spirent’s SDN solutions help visualize, monitor and manage cloud-level traffic
in real-time.

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High-speed Ethernet

Ethernet speeds are increasing. Networks are becoming more intelligent. Topologies are scaling to sizes never seen before. Spirent’s high-speed Ethernet portfolio allows you to quickly and confidently launch products and services dependent on the emerging cost-effective, high-speed and high density 100G, 50G, 40G, 25G, and 10G technologies.

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By removing the repetitiveness of standard tests, developers and testers are able to focus on new functionality while still providing coverage of existing features. Spirent’s automation solutions are designed around best practices so once a test is created it can be reused saving time in automating future tests.

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What to Test


Data center fabric scale

Validate the forwarding performance of ultra-high-scale, next-generation multi-terabit fabrics


Data center multi-tenancy

Easily scale to thousands of tenants to determine the bounds of your data center network design


OpenFlow performance

Ensure your OpenFlow controller or switch can scale from a few, to millions of flows


Virtual infrastructure

Benchmark your virtual infrastructure performance


NFV orchestration

Validate policy-driven use cases such as VM migration and elastic auto-scaling


High-speed Ethernet

Achieve Layer 1-7 validation on 100G and 400G HSE modules and CFP2/CFP4/QSFP28 optics

Moving SDN Forward: Deploy with Confidence

Explore how Spirent can help provide the configurations and tests that must be performed in order to guarantee a trouble-free SDN deployment.

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Moving NFV PoC to Deployment

Virtualization is the current best bet for revolutionizing the agility, performance, and cost of practically every function in the end-to-end network.

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OpenFlow Performance Testing

Learn why it is important to test whole systems or components for OpenFlow performance and the test methodologies and core concepts used.

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NFV Validation Across Boundaries

NFV offers many advantages over dedicated network devices, it’s crucial for NFV infrastructure to be validated and integrated as a system.

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Improving Data Center Performance with 25/50GE

Hear experts discuss options for 25/50/100GE architectures, what is driving the need for them and their expected impact in the data center.

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Testing SDN Networks: Ensuring Performance

Learn more about software-defined networking (SDN) architecture and the concept of testing SDN networks to ensure performance and reliability.

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Suggested Products

Spirent TestCenter

Using Spirent TestCenter for testing

An end-to-end testing solution that delivers high performance with deterministic results. Organizations of all kinds use TestCenter to test, measure and assure IP networks and deploy services with confidence.

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Spirent TestCenter OpenFlow

Spirent TestCenter OpenFLow

A complete solution that tests and validates the compliancy with OpenFlow standards and the performance of controllers, switches and end-to-end OpenFlow network designs.

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Spirent TestCenter Virtual

Spirent TestCenter Virtual

A software module that extends and complements the capabilities of Spirent TestCenter to benchmark and optimize performance of virtual switches, network virtualization and cloud platforms.

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