200G Market Trends

Evolving Ethernet standards are ushering in a new era of speeds. Several IEEE projects are under way to define 200GbE requirements. Testing is the key foundation to delivering reliable high performing products by validating line rate functional, performance and scalability testing.

200G Test Solution

Spirent’s high-speed Ethernet test solutions will ensure your 50G, 100G, 200G and 400G networks perform to users’ expectations. Applications and higher bandwidth requirements continue to drive the need for larger hyper-scale data centers, enterprise and cloud service provider locations.

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Spirent announces the world's first 200G Ethernet Test System

According to the IEEE, 200G will be the next area for explosive growth in the Ethernet ecosystem. To meet the exploding growth in mobile devices, high-speed data center servers, internet-enabled entertainment, cloud computing and social media, Spirent announces the world’s first 200G Ethernet Test System.

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Spirent Ethernet Solutions

Spirent's end-to-end testing solution delivers high performance with deterministic results. Service providers, NEMs and enterprises use Spirent Ethernet solutions to test and measure network performance and deploy services with confidence.

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