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As a technology innovator you need access to test equipment for fast developing networking specifications such as 2.5GE, 5GE, 25GE, 50GE and beyond. Learn about the new technologies you are interested in and get to market faster by joining the Spirent Boost community.

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400G Ethernet Testing

Bandwidth-intensive applications are forcing service providers to expand 100G deployments beyond the core into the edge and access networks. But at these speeds, maintaining data integrity becomes challenging. Spirent’s high-speed Ethernet test solutions will ensure your 100G and 400G networks perform to users’ expectations.

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Improving Data Center Performance with 25/50GE

Hear experts discuss options for 25/50/100GE architectures, what is driving the need for these new architectures and their expected impact in the data center.

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25G and 50G Ethernet Testing

25G Ethernet has really stormed onto the network scene and may end up being the quickest to completion IEEE Ethernet standards effort to date. Receive the latest product updates for 25G and 50G Ethernet technologies when you join the Spirent Boost community.

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2.5G and 5G Ethernet Testing

Receive the latest product updates for 2.5G and 5G Ethernet technologies when you join the Spirent Boost community. New product releases, technology updates, unique product line launches, everything you need to get to market faster.

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The Emergence of 2.5G and 5G BASE-T Speeds

Explore the trends behind these new BASE-T speeds in detail and learn about the compelling case for the introduction of products supporting both 2.5G and 5G speeds.

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High Speed Ethernet

Ethernet speeds are increasing. Networks are becoming more intelligent. Topologies are scaling to sizes never seen before. Spirent’s high-speed Ethernet portfolio allows you to quickly and confidently launch products and services dependent on the emerging cost-effective, high-speed and high density 100G, 50G, 40G, 25G, and 10G technologies.

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Spirent Platforms

Tailor your test infrastructure to deliver the optimal results without breaking your budget. Explore Spirent’s industry-leading hardware and software platforms which have been proven over multiple generations of network technologies.

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