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Accelerated test cycles, faster time to market, improved efficiency & flexibility.


Reduce network testing complexity, accelerate testing cycles

TestCenter Layer 2-7 test solutions provide maximum coverage with 100% flexible and portable test cases from hardware to virtual. The environment can be customized to unique testing needs, leading to accelerated test cycles and time to market for higher quality products and services.

TestCenter IQ platform enables actionable analytics, intuitive reporting, and flexibility to visualize the dynamic behavior of systems under test to reduce complexity of network testing through quick isolation and presentation of issues, saving valuable time and costs.

Unified Quality of Experience (QoE) Assessment Tool

Spirent TestCenter Enhanced L4-7 is the industry’s first unified Layer 2 to Layer 7 test solution, enabling users to test QoE over routing protocols, including HTTP/S performance, and to verify application traffic over emulated topologies.


Actionable Analytics

User definable Health Indicators provide real-time health monitoring, error isolation

Correlated Protocol, DUT Events

Simplified troubleshooting experience to answer questions faster

Historical Time Series Data

Rapid debugging of problems, accelerated development through correlation, real-time metrics

Intuitive Reporting

Customizable reports combining time series data, end of test metrics

Complex Traffic Patterns

Emulate complex mix of voice, video and data traffic

Compatibility Feature

Analyze non-Spirent TestCenter traffic to troubleshoot production networks

Features & Datasheets

TestCenter Platforms
Industry-leading hardware and software platforms proven over multiple generations of network technologies.
TestCenter IQ
Actionable analytics, intuitive reporting, visualize dynamic behavior of systems under test.
TestCenter Enhanced L4-7
Industry-first Layer 2 to Layer 7 unified Quality of Experience assessment tool
Rest API Support
Test, accelerate your innovation with any scripting or programming language, any OS.
HLTAPI Support
For scripting customers where efficiency and re-use across teams, platforms are key.
Native API Support
Powerful interface for implementing custom test cases in a regression environment.
Virtual LabServer
Dynamic multi-user environment for scalability as testbeds, regression environments grow.
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