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SimIQ Custom Waveform and Software-based Testing Solution

Capture or replay I/Q data with Spirent’s GSS7000 and GSS9000 GNSS simulators


Enhance your product development with custom waveform testing

Successful product launches depend on high-performance development cycles. SimIQ adds even greater flexibility to Spirent GNSS simulators’ advanced SDR architecture, enabling capture and playback of I/Q data for custom waveform testing – from software-only models to final form factor. With end-to-end testing capabilities, Spirent brings your products to market faster.

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SimIQ Replay

Generate RF with Spirent GNSS simulators from I/Q files

SimIQ replay

SimIQ Capture

Record I/Q data from Spirent GNSS simulators into files

SimIQ capture

Features & Datasheets

Accelerated development

  • Generate custom waveforms with high fidelity and quality

  • Generate and replay all current and future GNSS signals

  • Supporting the full product development cycle, including MIL, SIL, HIL and VIL testing

SimIQ complements Spirent's GSS7000 and GSS9000 GNSS simulators, enabling powerful testing with greater flexibility.

Custom waveform I/Q test solution
GSS7000 GNSS Simulator
Delivering reliable results faster.
GSS9000 Series GNSS Simulator
Precision multi-frequency, multi-GNSS simulation.
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