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Network Impairment and Emulation Testing

Real-world Ethernet testing, comprehensive and highly accurate network emulation to troubleshoot, design networks, test application performance and optimize performance.


Simulate Networks, Emulate Real-World Conditions

Spirent Network Emulator provides industry-leading flexibility to simulate networks and emulate the real-world conditions your applications and platforms need to perform in. Gain insights into where and when problems arise before they become issues.

Solution Highlights

Test DataCenter, Enterprise Systems

Prove performance prior deployment by testing under real-network conditions.

Verify Triple-Play Services QoE

Verify QoE of triple-play services with accurate and repeatable impairments.

QoS and SLA Verification

Ensure QoS mechanisms correctly prioritize traffic so applications perform as expected.

Satellite Link Testing

Emulate impairments to fully stress test satellite networks.

Test Virtualized Networks, Services

Optimize VNF performance and virtualized applications under real-world impairment conditions.

Carrier Network Equipment Testing

Perform negative testing on network infrastructure equipment.

Features & Datasheets

SNE Ignite
High precision network emulation for testing 5G O-RAN fronthaul
High-performance, high density network emulation up to 100G
Easily create any test network to verify application performance, with hardware, virtual & cloud support.
Industry-leading tools to model real-life systems to simulate networks, emulate real-world conditions.
Prove 100G, 40G, 25G, 10G device performance with full line-rate network emulation.
5G Fronthaul Network Impairment Testing
Solutions designed for testing 5G fronthaul, validating 5G network impairment.
Emulate networks in accurate, repeatable ways to stress-test transport of video, VoIP.
BASE-T Noise Testing Solution
Impairment generator delivers physical layer impairments to traffic at speeds up to 10Gbps.
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