As the 3GPP R15 specifications become more stable, NEMs and Carriers are conducting more Proof of Concept (PoC) tests to evaluate every aspect of this new network architecture. To aid this tremendous effort, release 17.6 continues Landslide’s strategic feature set alignment by (1) upgrading all test cases to 3GPP Rel.15 Dec, 2018 specifications version and (2) introducing enhancements for ‘True 5G’ testing, among many others: SUCI encryption, multi-PDU Session per UE capabilities, Xn handovers and native network slicing in AMF Nodal test case. Furthermore, Landslide 17.6 continues to expand its feature set in other key areas of mobile network testing: Landslide 17.6 adds support for Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) Server testing, generic IMS Trunk Interface Emulation and IMS call distribution across multiple P-CSCFs.

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New Features in 17.6

  • True 5G
    • True 5G
    • R15 December 2018 Spec Updates
    • Multi-PDU Sessions
    • Local Area Data Network (LADN) Support
    • SUCI encryption
    • Fireball High Performance Data Support
    • Network Slicing Support
    • Session Loading Test Activity
  • LTE Over-the-Air (OTA) testing
    • New International U1 Modem available on E10
    • Smartphone audio cross-over cable: smartphone A (automated device) and smartphone B (device under remote user control) audio cross-over cable with headset jacks.
    • Generic IMS Trunk Interface enabling among others; Mg and Mj interfaces
    • IMS call distribution across multiple P-CSCFs
    • SIP Message editor for IMS Node (proxy mode)
    • Supplementary Service Testing enhancements
  • Other highlights
    • Support for Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) Server Testing
    • Simultaneous NB_IOT and MACRO RAT types on the same emulated eNB
    • Landslide Test Server Utilization Tracking
    • Integrated HTTP Client support for FTP file downloading

17.6 Enhancements

Feature Enhancements

5G Evolution

At Spirent, we know delivering first to market technologies for 5G requires test tools that align with and even anticipate the release of new specifications. We are the partner of choice for Vendors and Carriers developing and testing the next generation of wireless technologies.

R17.6 is the fifth Landslide release with True 5G (5G SA) core test cases. New features include:

  • R15 December 2018 Specification updates
  • Native Network Slicing configuration and re-routing
  • Multi-PDU Sessions per UE
  • SUCI encryption to protect identity
  • Local Area Data Network (LADN) support for testing and emulation on MEC
  • Fireball High Performance Data support

Additional functionality will be added continuously over the next few releases, including IRAT 4G-5G testing.


Landslide continues its expansion in direct IMS/Voice over IP testing, while maintaining the unparalleled voice and video over LTE testing capabilities. Landslide 17.6 introduces the following enhancements:

  • New Generic IMS Trunk Interface to create any IMS SIP interface (eg; Mg and Mj interfaces), or modify existing ones.
  • Capability to conduct IMS call distribution across multiple P-CSCFs.
  • Configurable proxy mode IMS Node behavior via SIP Message editor.
  • Supplementary Service Testing enhancements.

LTE Over-The-Air (OTA) testing

Landslide U1 LTE now supports the EM7430 module for over-the-Air testing in International Markets. Additionally, Landslide 17.6 also features a new smartphone crossover audio cable enabling dial tone/voice traffic tracking between originating and terminating devices.

Supported Platforms & Hardware

  • Landslide C100-M4
  • Landslide C100-M2
  • Landslide C100-S2
  • Landslide C50
  • Landslide E10
  • Landslide Virtual

See the release notes for further details

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