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GSS4150 GBAS landing system VDB Simulator

Optimize your GBAS landing system with high performance verification.


Get your GBAS Landing System off the ground

To help developers and integrators test the airborne GNSS receiver in their GBAS landing system (GLS), Spirent has developed the GSS4150 solution. The GSS4150 is a VHF signal source generator, supporting multiple different message types, enabling you to build the solutions that power the future of aviation.

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commercial aircraft in the sky relies on testing using gss4150

GBAS test solution

Critical systems such as GLS must meet stringent performance requirements in any number of real-world conditions. Spirent's GLS solution gives you full control over signal simulation - ensuring your system can handle any scenario.

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Testing landing systems with Spirent

See how to integrate the GSS4150 into a full GLS test set-up.


Features & Datasheets

Multiple message types

The GSS4150 complements Spirent’s GSS7000 and GSS9000 Series simulators, enabling you to generate coherent GBAS correction messages for comprehensive landing system testing. Powered by SimGEN, the GSS4150 generates a broad range of message types, helping to bring forward the next generation of efficient airport technology. 

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