In-Vehicle Communication Simulation and Testing Made Easy

The introduction of Automotive Ethernet networking alongside traditional technologies such as CAN, CAN-FD, and LIN is challenging the industry in new ways. Spirent designed a universal platform for the verification of these various technologies, to improve test cycles, accelerate time-to-market, and reduce costs while providing rigorous conformance and performance testing.

First Universal Tester for In-Vehicle Communication

Spirent Automotive ComTT is the first universal platform for conformance, performance and CAN testing in one solution. It combines different physical layer technologies on the hardware side with industry-proven software tools for full simulation and emulation of in-vehicle network communication.

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Simplified Automotive Ethernet Network Testing

Spirent Automotive ComTT allows you to do testing methodologies for traditional bus technologies and Automotive Ethernet supporting multiple test systems, making the path to product verification even easier.

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Automotive Ethernet Testing

As autonomous driving and connected car become a reality, there will be significant growth in the importance of Ethernet networking in vehicles. The arrival of new systems and protocols requires new testing approaches. This playbook provides an overview of OPEN Alliance Automotive Ethernet TC8 protocols and conformance testing use cases.

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