For the most challenging applications, you need the most advanced test tool

To develop positioning, navigation and timing systems for military, space, research and other high-precision applications you require sophisticated and highly comprehensive testing. The GSS9000 GPS/GNSS simulator is the ultimate GNSS/GPS test solution, giving the very best in performance, flexibility and capability of any GNSS test solution, anywhere.

Features & Benefits

Market-leading accuracy and fidelity
High quality simulation - built on 30 years’ experience – puts your designs and systems through rigorous testing. Nothing less is good enough for high-precision/critical applications.
Flexible configuration
The GSS9000 supports all GNSS signals and frequencies, including regional augmentation systems and classified/restricted signals. It is future-proof for all advances in GNSS signals and services.
Powerful software
The GSS9000 uses Spirent’s world-leading simulation software SimGEN™ for scenario design, and simulation run-time control.
Custom solutions
The power and flexibility of the GSS9000 with SimGEN™ make it the fundamental platform on which many customised solutions can be built, from wavefront simulation for CRPA test to bespoke signal generation and manipulation for specialised requirements.

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The GSS9000 GNSS/GPS Simulator from Spirent provides supreme performance, ultimate flexibility and the most comprehensive capabilities available in any GNSS test solution. Used by all those working in high-end GNSS technology and application development, it offers a comprehensive set of features to help improve your designs.

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Key factors for choosing a GNSS/GPS simulator

Spirent has a full range of testing solutions, with 30 years’ experience, so read our eBook on choosing a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) simulator.

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Add positioning to your product design

More and more systems use positioning, to add more value to users. So read our guide on how to integrate location to your solution.

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Unique requirement?

We understand that our customers are performing cutting edge testing. We can work with you to develop a custom solution to match your needs.

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Learn the fundamentals of GNSS testing

Get a fast introduction to GNSS simulation, and discover its crucial role in efficient, professional GNSS receiver testing.

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Systems' errors and solutions

To learn more about common issues and how to fix them, take a look at our eBook; and you might get to market faster.

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Understand interference effects

For a more complete insight into the effects of interference, read our latest conference paper.

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GSS9000 full specifications

View the full specifications of the GSS9000 Multi-Frequency, Multi-GNSS RF Constellation Simulator.

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Education & Implementation Services

Spirent provides comprehensive instruction on the latest technologies when and where you need it. This helps to maximize your test system and improve your products.

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Support Services

Spirent support services help protect your product and systems to ensure the ongoing integrity of your products, services.

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