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GSS9790 GNSS Wavefront Simulator

Enabling dynamic angle of arrival testing that brings the antenna into the loop.


Powering the next generation of precision positioning

Based on the world-leading GSS9000 platform, the GSS9790 delivers advanced and dynamic radiated and conducted wavefront testing. Utilising 10 independent RF outputs, proven multi-box capability, and support for powerful zoned chamber configurations, the GSS9790 is the precision tool trusted by government and defense teams for qualifying CRPA systems.

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Find the GNSS simulator that's right for you

Evaluating GNSS simulators goes far beyond feature lists. True performance is critical.

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Characterising CRPAs and other adaptive antennas

How to test CRPAs and other advanced GNSS antenna designs.

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Features & Datasheets

Building robust technology

The GSS9790 enables powerful conducted and over-the-air RF wavefront testing. Powered by SimGEN, the GSS9790 delivers:

  • Up to 10 outputs per chassis with proven multi-system capability

  • Both composite output and single-SV-per-output

  • Up to 32 zones in a zoned chamber solution

  • Up to 10 independent jamming beacons per chassis

GSS9790 Datasheet
Enabling dynamic angle of arrival testing that brings the antenna into the loop
The most powerful and flexible simulation control software available
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