Enabling verification of CRPA systems, spatial testing of single-antenna devices, and real-world-time-synchronised indoor GNSS implementations.

The GSS9790 Multi-Output, Multi-GNSS RF Constellation Wave-Front Simulator System is a development of the world’s most advanced GNSS Constellation Simulator, the GSS9000. Combined with Spirent’s SimGEN software it offers a powerful test platform for anti-jam and interference testing.


Features & Benefits

Market-leading accuracy and fidelity
Developed from Spirent’s industry leading GSS9000 platform - built on 30 years’ experience – it puts your designs and systems through rigorous testing. Nothing less is good enough for high-precision/critical applications.
Flexible configuration
Supports signals and frequencies including GPS L1/L2/L5, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou-2, SBAS, and QZSS – enabling you to futureproof your systems.
Powerful software
The GSS9790 uses Spirent’s world-leading simulation software SimGEN™ for scenario design, and simulation run-time control.
Flexible solution
Up to 10 individual RF outputs per unit enables both composite output and single-SV-per-output testing, supporting both conducted and OTA test scenarios.

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The GSS9790 Multi-Output, Multi-GNSS RF Constellation Wave-Front Simulator System is a powerful tool that enables OTA (Over The Air) testing of antennas and devices where Angle of Arrival needs to be represented. The flexibility to also perform conducted testing makes it the ideal solution for an evolving test program.

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CRPA Test Platforms

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OTA Testing CRPA Antennae

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