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PNT Testbench Automation Software

Spirent's PNT TestBench automation software enables complex GNSS performance and vulnerabilities testing at a single click.


Let Spirent do the hard work for you

Constructing an effective GNSS test plan requires in-depth knowledge, and lots of time. PNT TestBench automation software allows you to load up a pre-prepared test suite, and, with a single mouse click, execute test cases sequentially, interact with device under tests, analyse the results, and generate a report.

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Why is automation important?

Spirent’s Steve Hickling discusses automation in GNSS testing and how it addresses the challenges many businesses face in product research and development. 

PNT TestBench

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How to Construct a GPS/GNSS Test Plan

For any new GPS/GNSS-enabled device, thorough testing is essential – but the tests you run, and the standards you apply, will depend on what it is you’re developing, the ways it’s likely to be used, and the levels of performance your users expect.

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Fundamentals of GPS Threats

Satellite navigation signals from space are precariously weak, and can easily be blocked, damaged or compromised by a growing array of threats - including solar activity, man-made interference, malicious faking of GPS signals, and the manipulation of position and timing information.

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Better, faster 

PNT TestBench complements Spirent’s range of GNSS simulators to enable you to automate hundreds of iterations at a single click. Powered by SimGEN, PNT TestBench delivers the custom integration, expert inputs, reliable results, and thorough reporting you need to deliver better products faster.

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GSS9000 Series GNSS Simulator
Precision multi-frequency, multi-GNSS simulation.
Entry level multi-GNSS simulator
The most powerful and flexible simulation control software available
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