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SimGEN Simulation Control Software

SimGEN is the most powerful and intuitive simulation software used to develop high performance products.


Customize and Control Your Simulation Test

Developing the next generation of location-aware products demands power, control, and flexibility. SimGEN is the culmination of experience gained over five decades, combining comprehensive capability with intuitive ease-of-use. Working alongside Spirent’s world-leading PNT simulators, SimGEN creates a vast range of signals, effects, error models, trajectories, and much more.

With SimGEN, you can control every aspect of your test environment – including inertial emulation, complex multipath, and vehicle antennas – from a single interface, accelerating and simplifying your testing.

Delivering maximum performance without compromise

Designed to perform flawlessly, powered by SimGEN, Spirent’s simulation solutions are driving the innovation of world-leading developers. We ensure our customers in critical industries create systems that are robust against attacks and failure.


Comprehensive control

Full control over all simulation parameters


Save time with an intuitive interface designed for PNT testing

Seamless integration

Work flawlessly with Spirent and third-party tools 

Full signal support

Access all civilian and restricted GNSS and SBAS 

Enabling software engineers

Exploit no-hardware mode to test the positioning engine software

Continuous improvement

Stay ahead with the latest features and ICDs, delivered faster 

Features & Datasheets

SimGEN powers innovation

  • Easy integration with inertial testing, hardware-in-the-loop environments, and 3D environment modelling, to accelerate and simplify your testing

  • Predictive sampling for ultra-low latency hardware-in-the-loop testing

  • Full control over onboard and external interference generation for ease of use

  • Built on Spirent’s proven architecture, SimGEN powers the GSS7000 and GSS9000 Series platform

The most powerful and flexible simulation control software available
GSS9000 Series GNSS Simulator
Precision multi-frequency, multi-GNSS simulation.
GSS7000 GNSS Simulator
Delivering reliable results faster.
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