V6.05 key release information

New ICD documents supported in V6.05 software release:

BeiDou Phase III
BeiDou ICD B1C V1.0 Dec. 2017 version
BeiDou ICD B2a V1.0 Dec. 2017 version
BeiDou ICD B3I V1.0 Dec. 2017 version

IS-MADOCA-SEAD Feb 2017 version
IS-QZSS-L1S-003 Nov 2018 version
IS-QZSS-L6-001 Apr 2018 version
IS-QZSS-PNT-001 Mar 2017 version

IRNSS_SISICD_SPS V1.1 Aug 2017 version

New features:

Added ability to force an additional BDS ephemeris update to occur at a specific time, away from the standard hourly update. This is to simulate the upload of new data from the control segment when an abnormality has been detected.

QZSS L1S signal is now supported on all Spirent simulators. This includes: GSS9000, GSS7000, and GSS6700.

SimGEN now allows customers to edit the .umt file and add comments and notes to your motion file. Supported customers can find out more in KB article SOL14088 on the Spirent Knowledge Base.

Full Release Notes