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GSS9000 GNSS Simulator

The GSS9000 GNSS simulator offers the very best in performance, flexibility, and capability to GNSS developers, delivering maximum performance without compromise.


Redefining industry expectations with world-leading innovation

Developing PNT systems for military, space, and other high precision applications requires comprehensive, sophisticated testing. Combining flexibility with performance, the GSS9000 GNSS simulator delivers the broadest set of features and capabilities through its industry leading SDR architecture. Including classified signals, unrivaled latency, power control and precision, and the ability to customize and upgrade your system anytime, anywhere.

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Powerful and intuitive simulation software

The GSS9000 GNSS simulator is powered by SimGEN, the world’s most powerful and flexible simulation control software. Built on Spirent’s decades of leadership in PNT testing, SimGEN offers comprehensive control over all features and parameters enabling creation of the most precise and realistic test environment.

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Powerful and intuitive simulation software

Unrivalled CRPA test capability

From flexible and powerful interference generation to advanced spoofing scenarios, CRPAs and other adaptive antennas can be comprehensively tested with the GSS9000 GNSS simulator. Whether conducted or over-the-air, the GSS9000 supports 16+ element CRPAs, interference up to 130 dB, and a carrier phase-aligned wavefront enabled by its purpose-designed SDR technology.

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Assuring your success

PNT testing for military, space and other high-end applications can be challenging. Spirent PNT testing services ensure our customers in critical industries create systems that are robust against attacks and failure. Assure the functionality, integrity, and safety of all aspects of your PNT systems with expertly tailored products and services.

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Flexibility without compromise

The GSS9000 is the ultimate in dedicated PNT testing platforms. Powered by SimGEN, the GSS9000 delivers:

  • 2000Hz sampling rate for high-fidelity simulation of highest dynamics applications

  • Supports use of secure or classified signals for authorised users

  • Testing of multi-antennas including controlled reception pattern antennas

  • Unrivalled signal fidelity, accuracy, and spectral purity

  • Capture and replay I/Q data with SimIQ

  • Support for chamber testing via multi-output

  • Ultra-low latency for hardware-in-the-loop configurations

  • Amplify and accelerate your entire testing process with PNT-Automation

GSS9000 GNSS Simulator
Precision multi-frequency, multi-GNSS simulation
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Multi-output GNSS simulation for testing CRPAs
Powerful and flexible interference generator
The most powerful and flexible simulation control software available
Test orchestration and automation platform for Spirent GNSS simulators
Enhanced Orbit Propagation Tool
Fully controllable emulation of inertial sensor outputs.
Realistic 3D modelling for multipath and obscuration testing.
Custom waveform I/Q test solution
Xona Pulsar Signal Emulation
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