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SimINERTIAL Sensor Emulation Software

Spirent’s SimINERTIAL software emulates inertial sensor outputs at the same time as GNSS RF signals, reducing the need for field trials.


Powerful sensor fusion testing

Testing the performance of integrated GNSS/inertial systems can mean expensive and time-consuming field testing on a moving vehicle platform. Using SimINERTIAL with a Spirent simulator provides real-time emulation from the lab. Learn more about SimINERTIAL and how it can streamline your testing.

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Integrating GNSS and INS

When developing the sensor fusion for a positioning engine or integrating an EGI (Embedded GPS/INS) into a system, a realistic GNSS and inertial co-simulation platform is key to ensure integration performance, and accelerate time-to-market.

SimINERTIAL covers integrations with navigation and tactical grades INS and IMU used in aviation, military and industry applications.


Features & Datasheets

Accelerate time to market

SimINERTIAL complements Spirent simulators by adding the capability to test inertial integrations. With SimINERTIAL you can simulate the inertial test inputs of EGIs or emulate the presence of an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to remove the uncertainty and cost of real-world testing.

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