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GNSS Foresight

Know in advance where and when GNSS will be reliable.


Enabling safe and reliable autonomous navigation using GNSS

Situational awareness is key to autonomous operations. Knowing where and when your system will perform enables optimised mission planning, increased availability, and greater safety and reliability. Spirent’s GNSS Foresight uses high-definition maps and precision orbital modelling to give you a clear picture of your operating environment when you need it.

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Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis aggregates GNSS forecasts to provide best case, worst case, and 90th percentile predictions in a specified area. Delivered as data, a heatmap, analysis, and report, this can be used as part of a CONOPS.


Foresight Live

The Forecast Live service enables flight in challenging environments by calculating GNSS availability for every meter, every second, from 1-100 meters altitude, for up to three days into the future. Access data in real-time via our API.


How to get beyond line of sight

Learn how to leverage existing standards and sensor packages for UAVs BVLOS, and how to augment them with GNSS forecasting to extend the unmanned airspace for reliable operations. Hear from a panel of experts including: OneSky, North Carolina Department of Transportation, ISR Ideas and Spirent on considerations for mission planning.

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Features & Datasheets

Leverage your technology

GNSS Foresight delivers crucial operational information for beyond visual line-of-sight operations, drawing on:

  • Trusted satellite orbit models

  • High-definition 3D maps

  • The industry’s leading signal environment computation engine

Data output from GNSS Foresight can be integrated with user systems to deliver optimized mission planning, reduced risk, increased reliability, and regulatory compliance.

GNSS Foresight datasheet for aviation
GNSS performance forecasting tool for aviation delivered via subscription service
GNSS Foresight datasheet for automotive
GNSS performance forecasting tool for automotive delivered via subscription service
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Learn how GNSS Foresight could benefit your business