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Wi-Fi Quality of Experience (QoE) Assurance


It’s Like Being There

The Epitiro QoE Assurance Solution takes you beyond the Access Point to the world of the Wi-Fi consumer. Now you can instantly see customer-affecting problems, test on-demand and confirm Wi-Fi services are “customer-ready” and meet SLAs—all without the truck roll. On-site QoE probes give real-time insight on connection times, speed and latency as well as performance stats on Facebook, YouTube and other apps.
Want to know the true QoE at any site?

With Epitiro it’s like being there. 

Manage Every Site

Epitiro is designed to scale to thousands of sites. Small, powerful Epitiro QoE probes are up and running in minutes to give you real-time QoE insight anytime, anywhere.

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Measure What Matters

Epitiro measures the network connectivity aspects that affect customer experience, like YouTube start-up and buffering times, splash screen failures and web browsing speeds. Fully configurable network tests give quality stakeholders unprecedented insight.

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Real-Time Data

Still relying on customer complaints as your support trigger? Epitiro puts you ahead of the curve by giving you the real-time data to proactively deal with customer-affecting issues and SLA violations before they become hot.

See From Anywhere

Whether from the NOC, an operations center or in the field, cloud access to the Epitiro Live Dashboard and Analytics screens keeps you connected.

Wi-Fi + Ethernet + LTE

The Epitiro solution measures Ethernet and LTE in addition to Wi-Fi to manage QoE across the world’s most popular access technologies—all from the same compact probe.

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Use Cases



Manage SSID premium services


Corporate & Educational

Monitor all areas by SSID type (employee, student, guest)


Retail Chains

Discreetly install Wi-Fi Test Probes to test floor coverage


Public Areas

Monitor several base stations with a single device



Understand network performance before, during, and after events such as concerts, sports games, fairs, and parades


Malls & Airports

Monitor for dips in performance during peak periods

Webinar: Assuring Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi

Watch the on-demand webinar featuring IHS analyst Stephan Teral to learn about strategies for monitoring Wi-Fi services and assuring carrier-grade QoE, the impact QoE data can have on SLAs, and real-world case studies for addressing Wi-Fi QoE challenges.

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