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Test the performance and scalability of your app-aware solutions.

Test App-Aware Devices

CyberFlood is a powerful, easy-to-use test solution that generates realistic application traffic to test the performance, scalability, and security of your app-aware networking devices and solutions. It makes it easy to:  

  • Test and enforce application traffic policies 

  • Benchmark performance and capacity 

  • Validate network security efficacy

  • Leverage NetSecOPEN methodologies 

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test app-aware devices

Solution Highlights

Extreme Scale & Agility

Push devices and networks to their limits with powerful HTTP & TLS performance to deliver terabit scale across hardware and virtual platforms.

Extreme Realism & Intuitive Workflow

Test scale and efficacy of application and security policies with hyper-realistic, repeatable application mixes and threat emulations with intuitive workflows, comprehensive automation and reporting.

Vendor-Neutral Testing

Leverage objective, vendor-neutral test solutions with MITRE ATT&CK and NetSecOPEN support to validate network services are secure and perform as expected in the real-world.

Features & Datasheets

The CyberFlood Family of Testing Products

  • Test and enforce application traffic policies

  • Benchmark performance and capacity

  • Validate network security efficacy

  • Leverage NetSecOPEN standards

Quickly and easily test with the latest and greatest applications
CyberFlood Virtual
CyberFlood offering consolidating multiple test functions into a completely virtual test environment.
CyberFlood Container
CyberFlood is available as a containerized test agent for cloud-native test environments
CyberFlood Zero Trust Network Access
Validate the performance, scalability & effectiveness of secure ZTNA PEPs
CyberFlood CF400 Appliance
Ultra-high application performance testing for 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G interfaces
CyberFlood C200 Appliance
Powerful application performance testing for 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G in a 1U form factor
CyberFlood C100-S3 Appliance
Testing performance of content-aware networks, security systems and Web applications
CyberFlood CF30 Appliance
Advanced portable test appliance for 1G and 10G interfaces
CyberFlood Security Testing
An optional software module to test the efficacy and performance of modern security devices and solutions.
CyberFlood Test Cloud
Thousands of ready-to-run performance and security tests, a core component of CyberFlood.
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