Reduce time and cost needed to develop automotive Ethernet BroadR-Reach® systems

In-vehicle networking systems are critical features of modern vehicles, but they are susceptible to external noise bleeding into the cable binder. Therefore, ensuring they can withstand noise conditions is vital for those looking to deliver world class products and an unrivalled end user experience. The Spirent AING-5000 is a flexible noise impairment generator developed for Automotive Ethernet BroadR-Reach wire requirements. It helps Automotive BroadR-Reach ECU manufacturers, chipset vendors and research and development organizations bring products to market faster and reduces development costs.

Faster, more cost effective product verification

Testing real world noise conditions has become a necessity, but it can be very costly and time-consuming if a physical EMC chamber is the only verification tool available. With the AING-5000, you can directly inject real noise environments in the BroadR-Reach cabling. ECU engineering changes can be virtually vetted with real automotive noise quickly, vastly reducing the reliance on EMC chamber testing.

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Features and Benefits

Test from your desk
The AING-5000 generates real automotive noise that can be used in a bench/desktop or lab environment, reducing the need for physical EMC chamber testing
Reduce time-to-market
Test new product features or changes more quickly, reducing the overall time-to-market for your products
Easily create and customize different noise conditions
The impairment generator is packaged with a user interface tool to allow easy creation and customization of a variety of noise conditions, including continuous background noise, electro mechanical switching impulsive events, and RFI noise
Unlimited test scenarios
Automotive BroadR-Reach ECU developers can create unlimited testing scenarios to identify the impact noise conditions have on Automotive BroadR-Reach ECU transmission
Fast ROI
By significantly reducing the amount of physical EMC chamber tests required, the AING-5000 can quickly deliver a tangible return on investment

The Spirent AING-5000 comes pre-packaged with a set of baseline real world measured impulse noises, Alternator Noise, and AM/FM radio band carriers, specifically designed to test Automotive BroadR-Reach Ethernet.

Screenshot of the AING-5000 illustrating a continuous impulse noise event
Screenshot of the AING-5000 illustrating a continuous impulse noise event


View the datasheet to find out more about the Spirent AING-5000 Automotive Impairment Noise Generator.

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