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Spirent AION

Driving innovation and accelerating next-gen technology deployments with award-winning L2-7 Network and Cloud testing solutions.


Unified Platform for Next-Gen Network and Cloud Testing

Whether you are rolling out the latest networking technologies or keeping pace with increasing bandwidth requirements, Spirent is here to help. Introducing Spirent AION, a unified delivery platform providing a single-pane-of-glass portal for test and measurement workflows. AION allows you to quickly and efficiently provision users and workspaces, manage assets and licenses, and deploy web-based applications for all your network and cloud testing needs.

Test with Confidence

Enhanced Serviceability

Modernized web interface with enhanced serviceability tools. AION delivers always-on platform services from user and workspace administration to asset management including systems monitoring, log captures, and firmware upgrades.

Centralized Licensing

Simplify license activation, monitor and maximize utilization with centralized licensing. For Spirent TestCenter, AION affords the flexibility of sharing protocol entitlements across all platforms, physical or virtual.

Next-Gen Web Apps & Analytics

Enhanced user experience and improved time-to-test with the latest suite of web-based applications. Launch the new WebUI directly from AION obviating the need for managing thick-client installations.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible deployment of Spirent solutions wherever they are needed to test and validate physical and virtual networks. AION allows you to deploy on-premises, via public and private Cloud, or through Spirent-hosted services.

Future-Proofed Investment

Gain access to industry-leading solutions based on today’s test requirements and optimize your investment with continuous enhancements, upgrades, and services, all delivered and powered by the cloud-tethered AION platform.

Features & Datasheets

TestCenter Layer 2-7 Traffic Generation
Generate Layer 2-7 application traffic via a single user interface and automation framework over the emulated topology of choice.
TestCenter Software Bundles
Comprehensive protocol bundles for TestCenter to verify scale, reliability and performance of network and devices.
TestCenter Virtual
Ensure performance, scale, and resiliency of network services and infrastructure.
TestCenter Automation
Access to several APIs for test setup, execution and retrieving results.
Web-based applications for network and cloud testing
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