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5G Network Benchmarking for Data, Voice, Video, and Cloud Gaming

Test as a Service comparing network performance against the competition to ensure a superior user experience


Benchmarking Your Mobile Network Performance

A world-class 5G mobile network must accommodate more services, customer types, traffic classes, and a higher rate of change than ever before. Assess your performance and see how you stack up with Spirent’s competitive benchmarking solution.

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5G Data Performance

Assessing user experience over multiple protocols focused on latency, throughput, and reliability in mobility and stationary scenarios including sub6, DSS, mmWave and MEC. Learn how MATT helps our experts in the field.

5G Video Performance

Unique competitive insight to OTT streaming with a multi-pronged methodology for complementary views of QoE including buffering, freezing, over-compression (MOS), and time-to-first frame statistics. Includes video stress testing while analyzing the network.


Cloud Gaming Experience Testing

Combining 5G data and video analysis to provide insights into performance and assess KPI components of the cloud gaming experience for uplink and downlink telemetry latency as well as video latency, loss, buffering, freezing, and MOS.


Analyze a Gamut of Key Performance Indicators

Understand the end-user experience for hundreds of key performance indicators – for your network as well as the competition’s

Benchmarking KPIs

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Learn how our 5G Network Benchmarking Services could benefit your business.